University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the September 21, 2004 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Puniello, Zapcic
Golden, Mullins
Sewell, Tehrani

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Rt. 18 Report Review – Puniello

Puniello reviewed with Cabinet the recommendations for collections and staffing from the Rt. 18 Task Force Report that would reduce non-essential travel for library users and staff between campuses. Cabinet endorsed many of the recommendations and will refer them back to the specific units for plans to implement. With others we agreed that we needed to assess the impact of the work before making major changes. This was most important related to flexible workweek. We will most likely not make any specific changes until after January when the impact is known. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible with changes that allow us to meet the needs of the university – class times, weekly schedules, and needed office hours. To that end, the compressed workweek may not be suitable, as it will restrict the number of staff available throughout the week. Specific recommendations will be put on the website with the Rt. 18 report.

Action Steps for Creth Follow-up - Gaunt

Continued the discussion of areas for follow-up on comments made during the Creth visits, and ways to address them. Issues related to local and system-wide needs and activities are critical in moving the Libraries forward and also describing the roles and responsibilities of directors and AULs. Cabinet will have a full-day retreat on this topic and how it affects all library operations. Issues related to training and development will be referred to the Training and Learning Committee and to the PC Working group where an assessment of how we are meeting staff needs for training and professional development. Issues related to assessment will be referred to the Libraries Assessment Committee. Moving on other issues will be discussed at future Cabinet meetings.

Review of ACRL Marketing Symposium - Boyle/Gaunt

This agenda item is tabled for a future Cabinet meeting.

State of the Libraries – Boyle

State of the Libraries will be held November 3, 2004 at the Busch Campus Center. Based on recommendations from the Training and Learning Committee, the theme of this year's event will be "Creating our Future." In addition to breakfast and the showcase of digital projects, the program will include a discussion of how the Libraries strategic planning activities fit into the strategic goals of the university. The university's goals include: Academic Excellence, Students and Campuses, Service and Constituency Relations, Resources for Rutgers, and Leadership and Administration. Cabinet was asked to respond to a chart developed by Boyle by next week suggesting particular library activities to include under each of the university's goals. Staff and librarians who may address these in the program will be selected for a presentation at State of the Libraries.








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