University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the February 1, 2006 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Puniello, Sewell, Tehrani
Golden, Mullins

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Repository Mission Statement Gaunt

Cabinet reviewed and finalized the description of the repository mission statement for RUCORE. Gaunt will send a separate e-mail to RUL_Everyone with the statement:

"The Rutgers Community Repository (RUCORE) advances research and learning at Rutgers, fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, and contributes to the development of new knowledge through the presentation, archiving, and preservation of digital research and educational materials. The significant research of the faculty and administrators, the works created in collaboration with researchers in the state and beyond, and the unique resources of the Libraries and the Rutgers community will be made permanently accessible."

Hourly Employee Task Force Hendrickson

Hendrickson met with Cabinet to discuss the review and upgrade of the hourly employee payroll process, which is the result of security issues and an audit of business practices by the University's Internal Audit Department. A task force of 25 people was charged to review, test, recommend, document, train, and implement changes to hourly payroll processes, policies and procedures. The task force has broken into three groups: policies and procedures committee, a training committee working on documentation for both students and supervisors as far as the hourly employee process and for using the system, and a testing group which is testing the new version of time TimeTrak and its functions. The targeted date for the upgrade of TimeTrak is February 28. Supervisor training is scheduled for February 21-27; all supervisors having TimeTrak access are required to attend a training session on both the new Policies and Procedures and the upgraded TimeTrak software.

Debriefing on ALA Boyle, Gaunt, Puniello

RecycleMania2006 Fultz

Fultz discussed with Cabinet the message from Karen Kavanagh, Executive Vice President for Administrative Affairs, announcing the University's participation in RecycleMania 2006, a national recycling competition open to colleges and universities. As recommended in Kavanagh's message, Fultz contacted Ms. Magda Comeau, senior department administrator for the Purchasing Department to find out the Libraries could become more involved. The basic idea is to educate and make students, faculty and staff aware of the importance of recycling, and the Libraries represent some of the main student congregation areas where the RecycleMania 2006 campaign can really be promoted. Cabinet discussed ways to participate such as cleaning files, placing larger bins in the libraries, and publicizing the University's participation with signs and tent cards on the tables. If any New Brunswick library would like larger containers for recycling, Puniello will make a request to Facilities. If Newark or Camden would like larger containers, Mullins and Golden should contact their Facilities departments. Fultz will make tent cards available to the libraries on all campuses and participation is encouraged.









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