University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the February 13, 2007 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden(videoconferenced), Joseph, Mullins, Puniello, Sewell, Sloan, Tehrani, Zapcic

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

The 2006 Organization Development Network Annual Conference - M. Wilt

Wilt gave an overview to Cabinet of the conference she attended October 22-25, 2006, in San Francisco. She focused on three of the five tracks for the concurrent sessions: driving change in systems and organizations, integrating and connecting organization development, and developing leaders for the future.

Driving Change in Systems and Organizations:

Workshop facilitators developed participants' understanding of the pervasiveness of change, recognizing it as a given in everyday life. To understand the impact of change and the multiple challenges change present to individuals and organizations, the facilitators spelled out six important considerations that need to be addressed to successfully navigate the changing environment. (1) Reason (overt rationale and logic)-change occurs when rational analyses logically convince people of the need for the change. (2) Politics (unaddressed individual and group interests)-change occurs when needs and interests are modified and/or power bases are altered and/or political processes are altered. (3) Inspirations (untapped or unexpressed values-based or visionary aspirations)-change occurs when people's deep hopes and values are engaged and mobilized, regardless of prevailing "logic". (4) Emotions (denied affective and reactive feelings)-change occurs when blocked emotions are released. (5) Mindsets (tacit guiding beliefs and assumptions)-change occurs when limiting ways of thinking are engaged and modified. (6) Psychodynamics (out-of-awareness anxiety-based and unconscious defenses)-change occurs when anxiety is reduced and/or unconscious defensive reactions are recognized and alleviated.

Integrating and Connecting Organization Development and Developing Leaders for the Future

With these considerations in mind, Wilt shared a number of opportunities to be considered to facilitate a collaborative environment. In the discussion that followed the formal overview, a number of thoughts, questions, and ideas emerged:

Gaunt, Sloan and Joseph will follow up on Wilt's presentation regarding library faculty. Wilt will return with options on development activities for Cabinet and the libraries' community.

Update on Rutgers' New Visual Identity System ( - H. Glazer

Discussion of Draft Guidelines for Filling Faculty Positions - Gaunt










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