University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the April 15, 2008 Meeting

Agnew, Au, Denda, Dent, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Joseph, Puniello, Sewell, Zapcic

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Gaunt reviewed the handouts from the Deans Council meeting. Described the grieving process with PRC; will go over it at our own promotion workshop.

The university is assessing its doctoral programs.

As a tie-in to the capital campaign, the university's home page is being reorganized; the review process has indicated that people are more interested in getting good information than how the web page is organized; the libraries will be under academics with a link to our home page; if you can think of anything that should be included, let Gaunt know.

The university received a glowing Middle States report; the only recommendations were the ones that we included in our own report; everyone is thanked for their good work; we should make sure the concept of assessment measure does not get lost; they are looking to build indicators for every school; will raise our indicators up to more global indicators.

Stubaus discussed underutilization data and our faculty; we should continue to think about it when doing recruitment.

Winterbauer discussed the budget; nothing new other than we'll continue working on plans; President McCormick has meetings with the legislators to talk about funding.

Gaunt will be meeting this afternoon with the non-tenure track task force that is broadly represented across the units; they are calling in the deans to discuss their needs or non-needs and is meant as a discussion about how we use our non-tenure track faculty, how we want to use them, and whether we need them on a permanent basis; Gaunt will report back to the Planning and Coordinating Committee tomorrow.

The Libraries are named as an advisory partner in a grant proposal that Duke is putting in to the Mellon Foundation for an open library system; it's the biggest venture for libraries on infrastructure that has ever been put forward; it will be a one year grant; it's rethinking the functions the library performs and what kinds of integrated system it needs. Will link to the kinds of information the university has that the library needs to operate, to the external world; rethinking the way libraries work in designing a system; intended to be modular so you can build or add. Non proprietary so can be customized to the way a university works; it is looking at open source for various functions at the university.

Showcasing talent nationally and internationally - Agnew and Ron Jantz gave at presentation in UK; Chad Mills and Kalaivani Ananthan gave a workflow management system presentation at CNI; received great positive feedback.

Fredenburg updated cabinet briefly on the ethics committee report that clarified initial information; discussion with university counsel indicated that when attending conferences, participation at events should be based on whether the invitation or service is open to everyone at the conference, i.e., buses, exhibits, etc.; if a vendor is issuing an invitation to a select group, use your judgment as to whether it's appropriate; since there are so many institutions in New Jersey, we have to make sure we all interpret things the same way. With the basics, don't accept anything that's a personal thing until we hear otherwise.

The university is planning a number of events on campus for the public in which everyone in the university is invited to participate. It will be a way of getting the public to campus and will start on the New Brunswick campus in April 2009. There will be lectures open to the public; tours, concerts, facilities open; things for children and prospective students; to draw people here and show the breadth of everything that is going on. At any one time, you'd have the choice of 50 events, and is a way of building up an interest in New Jersey for people to the university. Karen Stubaus is the point person for now; will hear more as the committees are set up and may have an opportunity to participate.

There was an article in yesterday's Targum about the NJKI, which was based on information that was given back in February. Since Sewell is quoted, he will follow up with the Targum and offer to write an updated article or a letter to the editor.

Budget Discussion - Gaunt

Cabinet agreed on end-of-year funds; new databases for purchase will be Web of Science back files, 19th Century US Newspapers, JSTOR Arts and Sciences III, International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Handbooks of Economics, Gale Virtual Reference Library, and Oxford Islamic Studies Online; the remaining funds will go to adding plugs in the library; unit purchases were approved; start spending the money. Cabinet has the list of open faculty/staff positions and will start a discussion on prioritizing; should be looking at what we can do across the units and our top priorities; Gaunt will discuss with Boyle how to focus our strategic plan to key areas in the next year in light of the things we are doing. For the budget reduction scenarios for Vice President Furmanski, send bullet points to Gaunt by Thursday so the document can be finalized on Friday. The AULs will pull together a scenario of one good example of a budget cut across the board - all things are interconnected and here is an example of what a cut of this magnitude would be.

Web Services Team Demo - Agnew/McDonald/Liew/Jantz

The web services team gave a demonstration to Cabinet on the work to date on the draft design and implementation of a subscriptions database and the people database; think it will be advantageous to the people who support the web, and it will be more beneficial; there will also be an opportunity to offer new features and a lot more interaction between the content we have been indices and databases. Using Drupal open source to bring the content management database technology to the website, the demo focused on three areas - library indexes, research guides, and the people database. What they have done so far is build an early prototype to give an idea of what we can do; the prototype is the best view of what can be done working with librarians to develop functional and user interface requirements; it is one of the ways to define user interface; expect that there will be a few iterations with the user community in terms of developing requirements and refining user interface; best way is to show them and let them see how they can get down to specifics; in the early stages but targeting the first release to be in the fall. The first release will be slipped underneath the RUL website; you'll see all the same function, but underneath there will be more capability; for the first release there are not really any new features. There will be a total new infrastructure underneath that lays the groundwork for improving our support process. The driving force behind the technology is the people; it will be associated with netID logins. If you are responsible for something, you will have access to edit it. There will be private areas and everyone will have a personal intranet. Beta testing will be done. Anything that can be done can be found at If there is anything critical that is needed, Cabinet should let the web services team know sooner rather than later. Gaunt thanked the group for their effort and for making it easier for our faculty and staff to put things up on the website and pushing our information out to the faculty.

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