University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the April 29, 2008 Meeting

Au, Agnew, Denda, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Joseph, Puniello
Videoconferenced: Boyle, Dent, Sewell, Zapcic

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

The first meeting of the president's committee on work and family issues was held yesterday. The formation of the committee is from a recommendation that came out of the recent staff union negotiations and will cover all employees including faculty; Gaunt and Barbara Lee are co-chairs of the committee; Fredenburg and Ryan Womack are members. The committee brainstormed on issues they thought relevant from their perspective: elder care, child care, alternative work arrangements, flex time, etc. Surveys will be done in the fall; will be educating ourselves over the summer; many universities have already looked at these issues, so there are many reports to review.

We received a message from Dr. Furmanski regarding compliance with ethics and conflicts rules. Please read the Plain Language Guide that accompanied the message. After you have done that and if you have no further questions, please print out the receipt and acknowledgment form. Staff should return signed forms to University Human Resources, faculty to the Office of Academic Affairs. Please return forms as soon as possible. Annual Reports of Outside Activities must be completed and returned to the person indicated on the form by September 30. There are special rules applicable to faculty: Annual Reports of Honoraria; this form must be signed and returned to your supervisor.

The 2008-2009 Activities Grants Proposals email was sent from Glazer; please read the revised guidelines. One of the major changes is that unit event coordinators will be required to manage all event-related logistical tasks for their programs. These tasks include arranging catering, securing flowers and wine, printing invitations, designing and printing event-day programs, reserving rooms, booking flights and hotels for guest speakers, confirming any Rutgers or Libraries speakers, and filing for purchase orders. Budgets should also include paying for SCC staff that will have to handle any technical aspects of the event, as well as paying for any clean-up by our custodial staff. Included with the email are three attachments a way to estimate your cost; sample costs we tracked over the year to give you a place to start; and the timeline.

President McCormick sent an email to the Administrative Council to let them know that following its review of the university's self-study and its productive site visit to Rutgers last month, the evaluation team representing the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) has submitted its reaccreditation report. Although the report must still be reviewed and accepted by the MSCHE, which will make its final determination of our status in June, a copy of the report, may be viewed at The report was highly complementary of our self-study, the process by which it was developed, our goals and ambitions for the future and how the recommendations we made regarding our own institutional development would, in fact, advance excellence at Rutgers.

Gaunt is meeting with the final candidates for the position of Dean of the NB Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Budget Update, Vacant Lines, and Strategic Agenda - Gaunt/Boyle

President McCormick has been meeting with state legislators about the current budget proposal but we have not heard any indications that there might be changes, so we will continue to plan with the 3% and 7% reductions. The Libraries' budget reduction scenarios called for a return of vacant positions (1 faculty position and 3.77 staff positions in 3% and 12.16 positions: 5 faculty positions and 6.16 staff positions in 7%). As we look at our other vacant positions we need to re- determine prioritize for filling them in light of the loss of other lines. Gaunt reviewed with Cabinet the list of titles for potential new faculty positions that was being worked on before the budget cuts; need to consider these as we think about filling our vacant positions. Discussed the need to refine the strategic goals as we go forward and mirror more closely our ability to accomplish them. As we prioritize our needs all the vacant positions will be prioritized based on collective needs and not necessarily to the units from which they came. Right now we have 9.42 faculty lines that are currently vacant if we had a 3% cut; if we have 7% cut, we have 5.42 faculty positions. Based on the amount of funds on each of these lines, we will be able to fill all of the lines with tenure-track faculty in our 3% scenario but only 4 of the 5 in our 7% scenario. As a process, we should think about the kind of work in the library in the future; our strategic directions; what kind of expertise we need to achieve our goals; need to focus the vision on achievable goals that everyone can identify with; might hold a town meeting to involve everyone; Boyle, Fredenburg and Gaunt will follow up on a process to focus the strategic plan activities. For starting the process for the goal/objective/task prioritizing, Boyle suggested using a prioritization matrix. Boyle and Gaunt will discuss how that may fit into the process.

Use of the NJKI Logo on our Database Description Pages -Au

Au proposed to Cabinet that the NJKI logo be removed from databases that had been funded by NJKI until funding is restored; Cabinet concurred, but suggested that we add text indicating that it was previously funded by NJKI I the body of the description.

Area Update Sewell

Sewell gave the area update on collection development activities. He reported on the purchase of new databases: Web of Science back files, A&H: 19th Century US Newspapers, JSTOR Arts & Sciences III, International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Handbooks of Economics, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Oxford Islamic Studies Online. He noted that a number of strategies were being employed to communicate our budget situation for next year: he met with the NBFC's Library Committee, and the Libraries Advisory Committee; prepared budget related documents, sent a letter to Targum, is planning to visit Barbara Bouno, chair of the Senate Budget Committee, prepared information for the Dean's Council, will put budget information up on the Libraries' Webpage.

He is also developing assessment measures for collections because it is essential to have data for decision making related to cancellations. The data will come from Workflow and Director's Station Database, COUNTER (part of Serials Solution Software), and Serials Team created data. Work on subject guides continues. We are adding one for Stem Cell Research and the Drupal selectors team (subject team leaders and Kayo Denda) working on the development of common subject vocabulary or taxonomy to enable cross subject relationships in subject guides. Sewell is working with Zapcic on strategies for collections fundraising, using JRUL as gift to major donors, and preparing an NEH Matching Grant for Global and International Studies. In the area of preservation we are developing a system-wide preservation plan (Farideh Tehrani), engaged in an IMLS Planning Grant for state wide preservation program (storage facility, preservation and conservation services) Farideh Tehrani and Tim Corlis), an NB preservation laboratory was established in Alexander Library. There is much work going on related to Scholarly Communication: the committee on scholarly communication was established, forums held, a Survey of Digital Documents in RU Centers and Departments conducted, NIH activities, closely connected to RUcore's user services committee, developed an NIH webpage in RUcore, wrote a News story for the Libraries webpage, and sent a letter to NIH Grantees apprising them of the policy and RUL's role. The CSC is now developing RUcore Policies related to: Who may submit collections to RUcore, what types of collections are acceptable, what collaborations RUcore can support, how resources are removed from RUcore.

Next meeting: May 27, 2008.

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