University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the June 17, 2008 Meeting

Agnew, Au, Boyle, Denda, Dent, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (via teleconference), Joseph, Puniello, Sewell

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Annual reports are due August 1 using the same format as in previous years. Text should be submitted even if statistics are not yet completed and can be updated later. The action plan should also be completed.

We have heard that the grant for an open source library system in which we will participate has been approved by the Mellon Foundation. We expect that a public announcement will be made shortly.

Gaunt thanked Michael Joseph for his service on the Cabinet as Faculty Coordinator and his contributions to our discussions and to the work of the faculty during this last year. She welcomed Kayo in her new role as faculty coordinator and thanked her and her colleagues for organizing the successful open forum on the repository after the last faculty meeting.

We are monitoring activities related to the state budget. Looks like it may be settled before June 30. So far no changes to allocations affecting Rutgers or higher ed apparent.

Sewell reported on collections funding with the additional allocation from Furmanski to cover the loss of the NJKI and inflation. We have tentative pricing on the Wiley package but will be purchasing it through NERL to have access to a larger corpus of titles. VALE will still have access to our unique titles. We predict a $6.2 million subscription base with 10% inflation at $620K, so some subscriptions will need to be cancelled. The selectors are working on it.

Report and Recommendation on RUL Brand Identity H.Glazer, J.Brennan

Brennan and Glazer reported on the progress in establishing a brand identity for the Libraries since the last Cabinet discussion. Several focus group discussions and a marketing survey were conducted with users to establish the main attributes identified with the Libraries. The four highest attributes are: higher education focus, enriching knowledge, friendly service, and essential services. These concepts (singly or collectively) should be used with all our promotional materials to reinforce our identity. In addition, they should be incorporated into our orientation programs for new staff and faculty, in leadership training activities, and in our communications. We can revisit these attributes periodically to determine whether they continue to resonate with our users and to reassess whether they need to be changed after several years. Cabinet thanked the marketing team for their excellent progress.

Process for Goals Setting Boyle, Gaunt

Boyle distributed the grid on the strategic plan goals and asked Cabinet members to update the grid for year-end progress on goals by August 1. She will add a column for that purpose. After discussion on establishing a process for this year, Cabinet determined that it will select several overarching goals for the year based on our progress thus far, and ask the various councils, committees, and units to establish their yearly goals within that framework. It was understood that many units will continue to carry on with normal operations that may not be specifically identified by the goals, but all units should be able to articulate how special projects or other activities help us to achieve our goals. Boyle and Gaunt will present some options for Cabinet discussion at the next meeting, and they asked Cabinet members to think of the most important areas for us to focus on for the upcoming year.

Priorities for Vacant Staff, Faculty Lines Gaunt, Fredenberg

Fredenburg had distributed the list of faculty and staff positions that had been temporarily frozen this year to anticipate budget reductions, and their status related to a 3% or 7% give back. Au noted that 2 faculty positions were missing from the list, and we added them. Gaunt suggested that we consider releasing a few positions that are an immediate priority so that once the budget reductions are finalized we do not have a recruitment flurry. She also distributed the list of potential new faculty positions that we should consider when determining priorities for new recruitments. It was agreed to release the Access Services librarian in Newark, Area Studies Librarian, the Director of Information Technology (Head of Systems), and the Batch Processing/Gifts supervisor. The Physical Sciences librarian in NB has already been released. We agreed to revisit the positions again once the budget is finalized.

Agenda Setting

Future agenda items may include a report on the RLG annual meeting and a discussion of the Horizon Report.

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