University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the March 24, 2009 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Denda, Dent Goodman, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Puniello, Sewell, Winston
Videoconferenced: Cvetkovic, Golden

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Deans Council Update: Gaunt distributed the "President's Faculty Diversity Cluster Hiring Initiative Program Criteria and Application Guidelines Spring 2009" that was discussed at the last Deans Council meeting; it will be difficult for the Libraries to participate since this program has to be initiated by the teaching faculty.

Gaunt also distributed the "Report of the Working Group on Budget Reduction Strategies New Brunswick Deans' Council March 2009," which can be found electronically at This report is to provide guidance to the Deans for strategizing for next year's budget.

Don Smith has been appointed as Vice President for Information Technology; Gaunt will invite him to attend a Cabinet meeting to discuss his role and strategize on areas of collaboration.

Gaunt thanked Cabinet members for getting their budget information to Fredenburg and Hendrickson; it will help in budgeting from now until the end of the academic year and will guide today's budget agenda item.

The Celebration of Recently Published Faculty Authors event is being held today in the Pane Room at 5 p.m. Lisa Miller will be speaking; encourage your liaisons to attend. Agnew noted that her book is being included at the event. The event is also being held in Camden on March 31 and is also being planned in Newark.

Mid-year reports are due to Gaunt by April 1. Bullets are fine at this point. Action plan midyear updates are due to Boyle on March 25. Please submit it on the Action Plan spreadsheet.

Golden noted that it looks like the Robeson project for compact shelving is a go.

Winston noted that there is a temporary hiring freeze in Newark for the academic and administrative departments until there is more clarity with the budget.

Mellon Research in Technology Retreat and OLE Update - Agnew

Agnew gave an update on the Mellon IT retreat to which she was invited as part of the OLE team. Funded by the Mellon IT area program officer, the retreat focused on an integrated suite of enterprise applications that would address the administration, research and education needs of the higher education institution and would share a common bus architecture and a modular, service oriented design to enable seamless integration and data sharing among applications such as financial systems, library management, course management, etc. Agnew reported on 20 projects of interest and possible utility within RUL: CollectionSpace, ConservationSpace, Bamboo, Kuali "UCReady," DuraSpace, Sophie, and Zotero. Emerging issues are the UX framework and sustainability.

Agnew also gave an update on the OLE project; it was noted that Cabinet supports being an early adopter of OLE.

SAS International Programs Focus and Activities - Denda

Denda has been appointed to serve as the RUL rep to the Advisory Committee of the International Programs, School of Arts and Sciences. She presented to Cabinet the International Program's new developments and directions that might have implications for library services. The International Program's aim is to develop new relationships and fortify existing ones with universities overseas and actively exchange students and scholars affiliated with Rutgers and partner institutions. One example, International Service Learning, is a student program that builds upon the summer abroad program with courses before and after the experience abroad to enrich students' summer immersion experiences. From a library viewpoint, the exchange of students/scholars has implications regarding access to electronic resources. The ISL articulates the framework of the UN Millennium Development goals. The International Program is leading efforts for Rutgers to have UN-NGO status.

Privacy Policy - Boyle

Boyle reviewed the RUL Privacy Policy, Draft 1, 2/19/09, that was worked on by Boyle and Nancy Kranich; Kranich has a lot of expertise working with ALA developing the toolkit. The document distributed to Cabinet is the generic privacy policy that ALA developed, with highlighted areas that we would have to customize for RUL; it's important to have a broad committee looking at it to make sure policies and practices are incorporated. Cabinet agreed that we need such a policy and the ALA framework is a good one to follow. Boyle will look into organizing a committee to review the policy.

Budget Discussion Gaunt

Gaunt alerted Cabinet that the university received word this week that it was not getting money from the state for the salary increases for third quarter, and possibly the fourth quarter; all units will have to come up with the money this year; for us, the total is $287,234, and we will be giving back $143,617 for third quarter as of now. That will be permanent for next year. Fredenburg and Hendrickson have been going over this year's budget; looks like everybody will be able to spend their budget without overruns; will be looking at requests for big ticket items and prepays now. In terms of hiring, all vacant positions that have been released to the units for recruitment can move forward. As of April 6, all new vacancies will be temporarily frozen until we know more about the budget.

In light of all the changes and the need to update our strategic plan, Cabinet decided it was time to look at planning another retreat.



It is P4P time; supervisors should be discussing performance plans with their staff; in the coming year, Libraries Human Resources Department will be offering courses on conflict management and communication; if you have staff with needs in these areas, you may want to build this into their plan as part of P4P; a grant accounting course is also being developed to give people information on what needs to be done during the life of a grant and the accounting process. A workshop on purchasing procedures was suggested.

Fredenburg alerted Cabinet that the university is clamping down on people purchasing items with their own money and then submitting receipts for reimbursement; we cannot guarantee that they will be reimbursed, so everyone needs to go through the university purchasing system, even for small purchases.


We are going through another equipment audit; systems will be contacting you about your equipment.

Agnew will be in attending a conference and on vacation from April 1-14.


A comprehensive professional development plan has been developed for Dana; the first session is this week.

A number of things are being done related to reorganization; the first is creating a unit that combines media, audiovisual and library computing in one unit; in addition to his other responsibilities, Au will head the unit.


The outlet project is finished with positive and overwhelming appreciation from the students; still need money to finish the other libraries.

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