University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the December 14, 2010 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fetzer, Fredenburg (TC), Fultz, Gardner, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Niessen, Puniello, Winston (VC)

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

The report of the Governor's task force on higher education is currently with the governor. Based upon discussions with individual task force members and their understanding of issues and challenges of New Jersey's higher education institutions, the university is optimistic that the report will address positively the needs and aspirations of higher education in New Jersey. We expect to see the report soon.

Based on the activities associated with the recruitment of the new faculty positions this semester, it was agreed that we would lengthen the timetable for the strategic plan so that both the development of the plan and the recruitment activities will be successful. Boyle, Fredenburg, and Gaunt will review the timetable and make the appropriate time adjustments and share with RUL.

At the recent Deans Council meeting, VP Pazzani and Gaunt spoke about the role of the Libraries in supporting the new National Science Foundation (NSF) procedures for grant proposals as of January 2011 that require Principal Investigators to provide a data management, preservation, and access plan. RUcore will be offered to faculty who do not have a logical disciplinary repository for their data. Initially faculty will provide their data in a zip file, and from there the Libraries can work with individual faculty to ingest their data with the appropriate metadata in RUcore.

Jorge Schement, SCI Dean, spoke of an initiative to create a Latino American Information Network. Prof. Montemayor is the Principal on this project to create a database/website of information related to Latinos in the United States. RU faculty can provide content for the website related to their research. Montemayor has done a survey of faculty across the university doing research in this area, and there are many who can contribute valuable content. Dean Schement is seeking external funding for much of the work. RUcore will provide back-up support for content. Gaunt will explore whether content from faculty in Newark and Camden is being sought.

Report on Partnering to Publish Conference – Niessen

Niessen debriefed Cabinet on "Partnering to Publish: Innovative Roles for Societies, Institutions, Presses, and Libraries," which he attended in Washington, DC on November 10, 2010. The seminar was jointly sponsored by ARL and the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP).

The seminar provided an occasion to learn about current partnerships between librarians and publishers in an environment where traditional roles are shifting and to explore new opportunities for cost-effective and innovative joint ventures. The seminar was organized into four panel sessions. The first provided an overview of the new landscape of collaboration, and other panels discussed the changing roles for editing, production, and marketing.

The overview of the seminar is available at ttp:// The proceedings, with links to slides and videos of each session, can be found at

Review of Positions Recommended for New Faculty Recruitment – Gaunt

Following Cabinet review, the three positions for which we will recruit are Digital User Services Librarian, Digital Archivist, and Copyright/Licensing Librarian. Cabinet members very much appreciated the recommendations of the Planning and Coordinating Committee and the thinking behind their recommendations. Other positions were also considered, but for a variety of reasons Cabinet felt the timing was not optimal or they would fall into the next tier for recruitment. We will reassess funding as soon as these first three recruitments are completed.

The following individuals were assigned to naming search committees: Fetzer for Digital User Services, Izbicki for Digital Archivist, and Boyle for Copyright/Licensing Librarian. Search committees will be charged with reviewing the draft position descriptions as soon as possible for posting on the Internet and in print. Fredenburg will oversee search committee training as recommended by our Diversity Committee. Library faculty who may be interested in any of these positions are encouraged to apply. Should an internal candidate be chosen, their vacancy can be filled. All search committees will be able to interview candidates immediately once they believe they have a strong candidate.

This is a very good opportunity to recruit for positions that we believe will move the Libraries forward in areas where we need additional support. We will need everyone's help in seeking candidates for these positions. Gaunt will be happy to write “invitation to apply” letters to potential candidates that are identified.

Transition to the New HR/Payroll System – Fredenburg/Hendrickson

Due to time constraints, Gaunt reported that the new HR and Payroll system will be introduced in January; we will no longer get a paper payroll form; everything is online. Fredenburg will look into training for people who want a better understanding of the system.


Agnew: Many things happening with VALE OLE; Agnew will do a presentation at a future Cabinet meeting.

Fetzer: New administrative assistant is starting on Friday. Fetzer attended the Academic Coordinating Committee meeting last week. The overall university commencement will be held in the stadium (rain or shine) May 15 from 10- 11:30; Toni Morrison will be the speaker. Other commencements will follow throughout the day; will send an announcement to the RUL faculty. The Café should be open by then.

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