University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the January 31, 2012 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fetzer, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Niessen, Puniello, Thompson, Winston (VC), Womack
Jane Otto, Isaiah Beard, Matt Gallagher

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Gaunt distributed two very useful pieces of information to Cabinet. The "FY 12 Budget in Brief," was prepared by Nancy Winterbauer for the Senate Budget & Finance Committee as a simple way to understand the University budget. Haven't had enough time to scrutinize; Winterbauer wants to know from our committee if there are things we want explained or if we need other charts; this is the second version; please take a look; if there is anything you want to work through, let me know. The other document is a promotional piece about the University, "Great things to know about Rutgers," there is also a link to a PDF version ( This is a very nice promotional piece - great for sending to prospective candidates.

The first Deans Council meeting of 2012 is next week; haven't gotten an agenda yet; will most likely be some discussions on the task force; will keep you updated. There was an article in today's Star Ledger by one of the members of the Task Force; it was a Q&A about the recommendations; it is a very difficult situation for the Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors to be in.

The Senate's Research and Graduation Education Committee wants to move very quickly with the Open Access resolution; may come up as early as the February meeting. The committee is enthusiastic.

We will be meeting with the UMD librarians at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow; would encourage you to attend and be prepared to ask questions; should be a very good meeting.

The University is considering the possibility of establishing a campus of Rutgers University in China. More information will follow.

The University purchased a warehouse close to the Kilmer Campus for records management storage; now that we have a records management policy, people from the other campuses will be involved.

Rutgers Events Service - Agnew/Jane Otto/Isaiah Beard/Matt Gallagher

Agnew noted that there is tremendous information being shared at conferences in Alexander Library, and we had received requests to add to RUcore. A proposed new service, the RUcore Rutgers Events collections service would be available as a trial for events in the Pane and TLH rooms of Alexander Library only. Once workload and workflow are finalized via the trial, it would be expanded to other meeting venues on all three campuses. It is an additional service for conferences or other scholarly events hosted at Rutgers that are videotaped by RUL staff. The service is coordinated by the Rutgers Events Media Team. The cost for the service is $20 per hour and represents partial cost recovery for cutting, transcoding, preserving and cataloging the event; there would be no cost for RUL-sponsored events. The team provided a list of expenses related to the service of video recording Rutgers events for RUcore, a speaker release for videotaping and/or photography, a release for Rutgers to record any image and/or voice and grant Rutgers all rights to use these recordings/photographs in any medium for education or other purposes that support the mission of the university, a general information form, and a list of steps for using the service. Gaunt noted that it would be helpful to see what this looks like. We are disposed to think positively about wanting to save our faculty's intellectual property. The service needs to go back to LRC for discussion about the things that are important, and then brought back to Cabinet for final approval. Need to discuss the service as a pilot, the process, and the cost.

Consolidation of Print Collections of Journals & Indexes - Izbicki

Izbicki discussed the Consolidation and Retention Policy for Print Journal Runs, which he distributed to Cabinet; noted this is the second time this has been brought to Cabinet; has been expanded to journal holdings. It is being applied as a pilot at Douglass. The approach adopted by LRC. It looks as though any exception has been taken into consideration. Allowing for exceptions based on need; that would take into consideration IJS and music - most obvious case for exceptions. Cabinet endorsed the plan for print journal runs.

Strategic Planning Update - Boyle

Plans at the last meeting were pulled back; too complex at our level to throw something out to conveners and expect all of you to get together and fill out a form. Thank you to all of you for sending information. Convener line has someone in every space; will be scheduling meetings to determine if there are a few items that lend themselves to pilot projects that would cause us to need more resources. Not all the items lined themselves to moving forward. After the Cabinet meeting we can schedule meetings to move forward to the next step. Boyle attended a lunch meeting about MAAP that was sponsored by Brent Rubin and Susan Lawrence; all committee members were there; heard presentations by groups already involved in MAAP and doing assessment. Put on the Sakai site that our Vice President has taken the MAAP process and extended to the entire university; all departments and schools are to come forward with learning goals; getting to be a university process; Boyle met with the Director of Research in ODL; we mapped out some of the things we might think about. The updated Strategic Plan has been put on our Sakai site; because we work so collaboratively, it makes it difficult to say who will be responsible for things. Will put on another agenda to discuss how we might go about it. VP Edwards sent an email on doing an assessment report every year; we will need to be part of this; will let Tipton know for ILIAC. Boyle will meet with individual Cabinet members to discuss their areas and endorse. Boyle will put MAAP on a future Cabinet agenda so we can respond to the annual report on assessment.


Puniello: As noted at the December 13 Cabinet meeting, Puniello followed up with VP Blimling and VP Kim Manning's offices as to an Occupy procedure that the University might have in place. The University doesn't have a set written procedure; each situation is different. If something does happen, call Greg Blimling, VP of Student Affairs, Kim Manning, VP of University Relations, and the police. Puniello will place on the Sakai site.

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