University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the May 8, 2012 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Just, Niessen, Winston (VC), Womack

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Gaunt recently attended the CALA International Conference on Leadership and Innovative Management in Academic Libraries in the Age of New Technology at Tongji University in Shanghai, China as invited speaker; the focus was on transformation and innovation in academic libraries and management issues. Discussed potential areas for collaboration with Tongji University Libraries, and discussed potential new Rutgers campus with the director of South China University of Technology.

Deans Council discussed status of merger discussions and believes whatever is finally proposed will be done through legislation. VP Edwards reviewed format for responses to request made of academic units by incoming president Barchi for presidential briefing documents related to each academic unit. The RFP for the online education program is in negotiation. The current distance ed system is likely to coexist with the new one ; the new system may be used primarily for online degree programs. Will discuss impact of new system on library support with Continuous Ed.

Gaunt attended the recent ARL meeting that focused on changing roles of research libraries. She shared the framework document "21st-Century Collections: Calibration of Investment and Collaborative Action" highlighting all the issues about the changing nature of collection development and what collections may look like in the future. The Scholarly Communications Committee reported on their work to produce a report synthesizing 25 case studies from special collections in member libraries addressing innovations and digital initiatives to which Rutgers contributed. There is a new focus on mission alignment whereby special collections need to emphasize how their collections contribute locally. It was noted that the Society of American Archivists has developed a new curriculum for archivists, and UCLA now has an undergraduate minor in the digital humanities.

There was a report on DPN, the Digital Preservation Network. The DPN consortium made a presentation to the presidents at a recent Association of American Universities to emphasize the necessity of research universities taking the lead in the collective preservation of their digital assets. A model of this type of collaboration was shown whereby each participating institution's institutional repository would be connected to an appropriate node across the US and then globally.

There was a major discussion on the workforce for the 21st century research library and what it would look like, as well as how we would evolve. Much discussion centered on the kinds of staffing necessary, the balance between librarians and staff, the subject and technology expertise required, and the role of library schools in developing the kinds of people needed to staff research libraries. There will be a Fall Forum on this topic.

There was a session on copyright and the recent best practices publication, and whether interest in opening up section 107 and 108 by the US Copyright Office would be problematic moving us further into a licensing environment rather than fair use environment.

Many of the power points and documents from the meeting will be on the ARL website.

University Policy on Travel - Fredenburg

The University's International Travel Policy now requires the completion of an online form indicating the timing, site, and purpose of the international travel . The website also lists travel requirements and other travel information.

There is a new draft policy on travel stating that state of New Jersey employees are required to obtain written permission from their supervisor before they do work-related travel within the U.S. or abroad. Should this policy be affirmed, Fredenburg shared draft forms that the Libraries could use for travel where faculty and staff are representing the libraries, but do not require financial support, and an application for travel requiring support. Cabinet members would send their own forms to the UL for approval; all others will send the forms to their Director or AUL. For in-state travel, an email notification will suffice. The fillable forms would be placed under the Budget Office on the Libraries' web page, and once they are there, Fredenburg will announce it to RUL_Everyone along with directions on the application of the policy. We will await the confirmation of this policy from the university before enacting the new procedures.

Planning for Digital Initiatives Niessen/Womack

Niessen noted that the Planning and Coordinating Committee has as one of their goals to assess the organizational structure and appropriate bodies for understanding user needs and expectations and implementing technologies for library services and make recommendations for appropriate changes. At their recent meeting they discussed how to move the goal forward. They did an analysis of committees and working groups and found some overlap, but no structural recommendations to make. To the degree there is some redundancy, which is inevitable in a large organization, and as long as everyone is moving in the same direction, there is no problem. Their deliberations suggested that perhaps it would be helpful in moving the broader topic forward to focus on planning for digital initiatives that are prominent in the strategic plan, and as a result, the proposal, "Planning for Digital Initiatives," is being submitted for Cabinet approval. The committee recommended the development of a technology plan, the purpose of which is to identify key tasks, required resources, areas of responsibility, and timelines for completing technology-related goals outlined in the strategic plan. They recommended that the AULs for Digital Library Systems, Research and Instructional Services, and Collection Development & Management appoint a Technology Planning Team to formulate and present to Cabinet within two months a technology plan based on the technology- related goals in the Strategic Plan.

Cabinet members noted that the Libraries' priorities are the goals and objectives of the strategic plan, but because there are many, we need to prioritize among them. Boyle noted that the more detailed chart of the plan is almost complete, but some of the goals are very large and really do need to be prioritized. If we had a discussion on prioritization it could be folded back into the plan in June for the new academic year.

Gaunt noted that we might focus first on the objectives that require technology support. In thinking about moving the discussion forward, we might have a small team frame the discussion; Izbicki volunteered, and Gaunt may recruit others. Fredenburg suggested having a facilitator. Will determine which Cabinet meeting should be scheduled to allow sufficient time. Next meeting needs to be rescheduled because it is during NJLA.

Gaunt noted that Planning and Coordinating Committee worked very hard on the proposal and had gathered a lot of useful information; she thanked Jim and Ryan for moving us in this direction. Once the prioritization is completed we may circle back to the details of a technology plan.


Izbicki: Attended the CRL Members Council meeting in Chicago last month; discussion on collecting in the future, and a review of print repositories as they exist now.

Boyle: Has been working on the proposed way ARL wants to collect statistics. For collections, there are two elements titles and volumes. ARL is measuring our catalog rather than our collections. Did a report and we will come out ahead because it includes many maps we have cataloged and other types of materials beyond the print that we haven't cataloged in the past; is writing to ARL to about the use of the 245 fields. In the past, collection expenditures statistics were to include only the expenditures on collections, but it is being opened up to other collection-related support expenditures.

Fredenburg: The Training and Learning Committee has two initiatives they will report on to Cabinet. They have developed a report on learning competencies, and recommendations on employees' rewards and other recognition programs.

Niessen: Had the pleasure of attending the Faculty Service Recognition Luncheon last week.

There will be a special faculty meeting on May 11 to discuss the development of new title series, criteria, and procedures for non tenure track faculty. Karen Stubaus, Associate VP for Academic Affairs, will attend. Gaunt encouraged faculty to try to attend the Friday meeting; our recommendation are due no later than July 27.

Golden: Morale is better on campus due to some of the positive reports, but much damage has been done; there is a double-digit drop in enrollment and several faculty have left; the impact will be felt for years.

Winston: The retirement event in Dan Morgenstern's honor was very successful. Newark mayor Corey Booker and Clem Price spoke. Dan received a Rutgers Medal Citation.

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