University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the January 15, 2013 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Izbicki, Just, Mullen, Winston (VC), Womack

University Librarian’s Report – Gaunt

VALE continues to work behind-the-scenes on OLE implementation; don't have software, but are pulling together records from the alpha databases to practice on.

Fredenburg, Hendrickson and Gaunt reviewed the finances; we think we can put through all the reclasses; a number of you had also asked for in-grade adjustments. Fredenburg needs the CARFs; if you have any questions, please give her a call; we will submit as soon as we get them; it's not a guarantee as to what UHR will do.

We are going to have liaisons from UMDNJ on major system-wide Libraries committees starting with PlanCo, CSC, and USC; this will prevent us from operating in a vacuum on any decisions we will make. Judy Cohn is the rep for PlanCo and will be at tomorrow's meeting. For this semester we are looking at long term the kinds of faculty we need; it will be valuable to have UMDNJ participate in those discussions.

Deans Council: President Barchi attended; talked more about the strategic plan; very ambitious; wants to have a draft to the Board in June; the strategic plan will tell him where to put university resources; resources will go where units are strongly supporting the plan; there will be ways to measure and reward progress. It will be a five-year plan; very tactical. The Boston Consulting Group is overseeing the process and packing the information so others can see it. They are looking at benchmarking where Rutgers is compared to its peers. We need to be realistic about our budget; we don't have the resources other units have. The Deans will be invited to a retreat in February. There is a call for anybody willing to review the survey instrument, which will be sent to all faculty to complete; a number of you have volunteered. Those names will go to Dennis Benson, who has been brought back from retirement to work with Karen Stubaus in overseeing the tactical things related to the plan. VP Edwards and Bruce Fehn are doing the first phase of a plan to reorganize the budget in terms of reallocating costs at the University. Kim Manning Lewis is doing a marketing strategy analysis.

READ Scale Introduction - Just

The Reference Effort Assessment Data (READ) Scale is a statistical gathering tool designed to objectively measure reference transactions. Instead of simply tracking the number of questions asked, it qualifies the effort, skill, and knowledge required to successfully answer a reference question. The READ Scale can be used to record questions at all library services points including in person service desks (e.g., circulation, reference, etc.), email and chat reference transactions, and individual research consultations. The resulting data will be standardized across our Libraries and service points (and with other Libraries using the READ Scale) and can be used to improve desk staffing patterns, service hours, and staff training. The RUL Strategic Plan 2012-2015 includes the following goal: "2d. Revamp research assistance provision points and modalities to deliver timely research/reference assistance to users." Before reference services can be revamped, we need to have a clearer picture of usage patterns. Implementing the READ Scale across the Libraries will help capture and describe our research/reference assistance environment. Just noted that the READ scale discussion started before she arrived; has decided to give it a go; discussed it in USC; wrote a draft task force charge and identified membership from most of our Libraries; UMDNJ is included in the process. Need to find a Camden member and find out what role Special Collections wants to play. The tasks force will look at the READ Scale and determine how we might divide up typical questions. We have chat transcripts; Gimlet has some questions recorded. They will train the staff to use the READ Scale and identify a tool to identify data. Once we have gathered data for 4-6 months, we can examine questions. We can then determine staffing, data based on day of week or time of day; we can figure out how to best staff the places in the Libraries. It can also be used as a training tool; will be great for helping us identify what knowledge we need where; how do we identify questions; the right mix of staff at appropriate locations. We will report back on the process. Gaunt noted that reference statistics are going down, and thinking about resources - where and who - is a good idea; it will help us on many fronts moving forward and answering staffing questions.

RU/UMD Integration Update - Gaunt

Gaunt noted that there will be a full meeting of the Integration team at the end of the month; wanted to get a sense from Cabinet members on subcommittees where we are, where we want to go, the likelihood of us being able to get there, and essentially what our goals are on Day 1. Judy Cohn will become the AUL for the life sciences. Do not know the final decision on Stratford. Want to merge our catalogs on Day 1; open reserves on Day 1; website branding to say Rutgers from the outside or the inside. On Day 1 the University wants their logo on everything they can get it on; up to us to decide what we want and what we can make of the website for Day 1. We have to identify which services there are and how easy to integrate on Day 1. The reporting structure for UMD will stay the same on Day 1. Agnew's team has coordinated all TAS activities and set up a detailed calendar that shows the work to be done. ILL and circulation need to be integrated into this calendar. Gaunt noted that we have to have a way to deliver to the hospital; need to find out if the University is planning deliveries to the medical building; will have to piggyback; will need to think about delivering to Stratford. We want to make sure we have a way to make it easy for people to get access to their resources. Gaunt asked Cabinet members to do a brief overview of what needs to be done, the groups, and the major issues; we will need a master calendar. Boyle, Fredenburg and Winston will write it up. The university is working on NTT; think we will hear relatively soon. Izbicki noted that we need to look at the contracts and how the decisions will play out in the collections area.


Fredenburg: There will be a presentation in the SCC tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. on safety and lockdown procedures; please encourage staff to attend; there will be teleconferencing to Newark, Camden, and LSM.

Agnew: The Newark Archives Directory is ready for release in March. Gail Malmgreen is managing it; there are many archives in Newark for which her records are the only documentation that exists.

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