University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the February 18, 2014 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Cohn, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Just, Kuchi, Mullen

University Librarian’s Report – Gaunt

Gaunt reminded everyone that mid-year reports are due March 1. Dates have been set for interviews with the candidates for the Director of Dana Library position; make every effort to attend the Cabinet interview.

Gaunt reviewed the agenda for an upcoming conference call with CIC directors. Many items will be updates. Topics include: an update on the Google digitization project; Discovery Working Group report on how the CIC may improve information discovery and delivery across the consortium; a proposal for an internal R&D grant program for initiatives that advance the CIC agenda and interest; a charge to an e-book interlibrary loan committee; CIC engagement in online learning; results from the OCLC/HathiTrust monograph data report that may lead to a decision matrix on retention of print copies; and group purchases.

Gaunt reviewed the recent communication from President Barchi regarding new initiatives to advance the University’s strategic plan. She asked Cabinet to consider how they will affect the Libraries and where we might wish to develop our own initiatives in these areas. Although the faculty committee on academic unit organization will be conducted by the academic faculty units, the results could cause a realignment of responsibilities among liaisons, or new liaison roles if new schools develop. We will want to be involved with the University-wide committee on near- and long-term impact of Instructional technology, and also consider what the Libraries may do related to pedagogical tools, support for online education, virtual spaces, etc. We may not be involved with the new Henry Rutgers Professorships and Term chairs, as they are funded internally, but we did address the issue with the University Foundation that support for Libraries collections be built-in when endowed chairs for particular areas are created. Many ideas emerged when discussing integrating strategic plan themes into courses and University-wide symposia. Our liaisons should be engaged at the departmental/school level when faculty discussions take pace so we can be aware of potential partnerships. The Libraries on all campuses can host discussions across units for planning. We can focus on graduate students who are eager to meet and discuss research with other students. We could foster graduate student symposia and capture papers/presentations for RUcore. We could also build in discussions of networking tools, open access, etc. in such sessions. NSF is seeking universities to become repositories for cross-disciplinary scholarship. Perhaps RU/RUL could fill this role in an area of strategic importance to Rutgers. We could work with faculty who are creating new courses to address cross-disciplinary themes for first and second year students; a LibGuide could be created and other information literacy activities undertaken. The core facilities initiative has $1M for facilities that advance faculty research across multiple disciplines and schools. We may want to advance proposals for spaces in the Libraries. For future fund raising we may want to resurrect and update the LSM building proposal. Gaunt suggested that some of these ideas be included in the Libraries strategic plan.

SHARE Notification System Project Plan and Next Steps – Gaunt

The US Office of Science and Technology Planning (OSTP) issued a mandate for all federal agencies with grant funds of $100M or more to have a plan for making the data and publications of funded grants available to the public. To respond to this mandate, the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the Association of American Universities (AAU), and the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) collaborated on a joint proposal entitled SHARES (SHared Access Research Ecosystem). While the federal agencies have not announced which proposal(s) they will use, the academic associations have continued to work on the development of SHARE, a consortium of federated repositories across our research universities. A recent communication to deans and directors from ARL described activities that could be taken on campuses in preparation for SHARE. There will be announcements from the SHARE steering committee from AAU and APLU to presidents, CIO’s, and Directors of Sponsored research offices, and libraries may wish to conduct their own conversations. Gaunt will inquire about the timing and content of the announcements so we can determine the appropriate follow-up. For those institutions with open access policies, it was recommended that libraries review licenses with major publishers to ensure that the necessary rights for deposit allow for repository deposit and access. Boyle and Izbicki will head the review of our licensing principles in light of changing needs and work with others on the process. Other recommendations included the establishment of a campus team to inventory campus research, local workflows, procedures and support mechanisms for high volume research activities, identify campus champions, and build on the experience with deposit compliance. Cohn and Just have recently met with a team from RBHS and ORSP to discus PCMIDs and ORCID, and future directions. It was agreed that the Libraries webpage for research support will be linked from the ORSP page, and the newsletter from the VP for Research can be used for appropriate library announcements. Cohn and Just will continue to be the point people for continuing discussions as we evolve in the research support arena, and bring in others as needed. Gaunt will contact Chris Molloy on perspectives of university-wide support issues.

Faculty Development and Management Planning - Fredenburg/Gaunt

This is a continuation of a discussion started at a previous Cabinet meeting regarding opportunities for Libraries faculty who aspire to administrative or management positions to gain background experience. Fredenburg described opportunities that exist currently to provide aspects of administration, such as library projects and grants that have budgets and staff responsibility; faculty who lead collection development teams that have budgets to allocate/spend; projects or responsibilities that require interviewing, selecting, and managing hourly or student workers. These types of projects can be cited in resumes to demonstrate management experience. Librarians noted that their titles are not always descriptive enough to allow others outside the libraries to know their area of responsibility. Even in an organization that has relatively little organizational hierarchy, librarians could have management responsibility by reporting to other librarians for functional areas. RIS would be an example where coordination at a second level across defined units could benefit workflows, accountability and responsibility, while giving librarians opportunities for management experience. All agreed that Just should begin a dialog within NB libraries on the topic. It is understood that RIS librarians would continue to report to Just for all personnel actions.


Boyle: A week ago we opened our newly renovated and expanding computing laboratory on the first floor of Dana Library; students are delighted; there will be an official ribbon cutting.

At yesterday’s Deans Council meeting, the Chancellor discussed the RCM budget model. The Chancellor will be meeting with me tomorrow.

Golden: Renovations are back on schedule; we hope to open the day after spring break. We received money from the Chancellor for renovations in the basement; we will be moving microfilm to storage; will get a couple more study rooms in the basement; we have renovated technical services from flooring to lights to asbestos removal to new bathrooms. If done by September I can say every square foot of public space has been renovated. We have the OIT lab with 193 computers and our numbers have gone up.

Mullen: Attended the AAAS 2014 meeting in Chicago; our presentation was about online profiling and making an impact online; people are anxious to have an impactful online presence.

Just: We are getting two microwaves for the Scarlet Latte; we have picked the models and the purchase order is being prepared.

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