University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the November 11, 2014 Meeting

Askew (VC), Boyle, Cohn, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Glynn, Golden (VC), Just, Kuchi
Agnew, Izbicki

University Librarian’s Report - Gaunt

VP/Chancellor-NB Edwards noted at the recent Deans Council meeting that he will be more involved with the Honors College since Greg Jackson is on family leave. There will also be a gap in the position of VP for Undergraduate Education which Jackson held. The university is moving increasingly fast into a system of three universities; some practical results are that we no longer refer to Newark and Camden as campuses; we can use the term campus within NB because we do have campuses. The university website is being revamped to reflect this change. The “” location is for the system. When you reach the university home page there will be links to the other universities. RBHS is listed under RU-New Brunswick.

There is an internal search for the VP for Academic Affairs; the description is listed on the university’s HR page. Need to separate the Chancellor–NB position from the VP for Academic Affairs, and they are now very tied together. Working on where the various staff members will report. The VP/UL, as a system-wide position, will report to the VP for Academic Affairs.

The NB Strategic Plan has been edited and changes made based on feedback. It will go to the Board of Governors in December, and we will see it in mid-January in its final form.

Edwards introduced the new NB Vice Chancellor for Finances, Mary Lou Ortiz. She will be meeting individually with the deans.

The University wants to centralize information about the CIC and the various activities going on among the RU units. They will be collecting information and keeping it up to date on the RU-NB website to keep all informed. There are two major programs for academic leadership. One is a fellows program that makes three visits to different campuses. The fellows will be here at RU in spring 2016 and we will need to plan what to highlight on their visit.

Mike Gower did an overview of RCM and where we are in the implementation process. There were many questions related both to the revenue side and the expenses side. Gower noted that this is a work in progress and we will tweak it as we become more familiar with the unique aspects of each unit. We will be doing budget planning much earlier in the year, and the system-wide units will be presenting their requests to the chancellors in January. There is a handout, and Gower said he would come to any unit on request to explain the implementation process.

Library Support for 6+ILL requests/CONTU Guidelines – Just

Just reported that there is a disparity in what legacy RUL absorbed in copyright fees for journal articles acquired through ILL that exceed what we would determine is fair use according to the CONTU guidelines and what legacy UMDNJ libraries have covered. The process for handling payment of these fees is also different. At the same time, interlibrary loans are increasing in number, and we expect that to continue, especially as we cancel journals as a result of budget cuts. For requests that exceed fair use, RUL has been paying the first $25 and asking the requester to pay the additional. Some do, many do not. A case can be made that the Libraries should consider these ILL costs part of the collections budget and fund the requests completely. Melissa shared statistics on various levels of payment, and options for how we might pay fees, such as directly to rights holders (less expensive) rather than through a separate agency. Cabinet agreed to use some portion of the one-time funds set aside for collections this year from non-state funds to cover all ILL copyright fees and to learn more about the changing ILL patterns and alternative approaches for dealing with the ILL costs that we could implement next fiscal year.

Review Policy Wording for Non-Affiliates Hours – Just

Just introduced a change in wording to our policy on Access to Library Facilities, with a justification for the change. The recommendation was to add at the end of the current policy statement: “Some library locations limit access to Rutgers students, faculty and staff during late night and weekend hours; see the Library Hours web page for details.” Just noted that our primary users are Rutgers affiliated and our mission is to support teaching, learning and research activities for our user community as a priority. Our Acceptable Use Policy reinforces our commitment to providing spaces in support of scholarly activity. This practice attempts to balance two needs: reasonable access to our facilities for different user communities based on the above principles, and reasonable allocation of scarce resources including hours, seats and staffing. She noted that to provide the most seating space for Rutgers users during very busy times in the Libraries we need to restrict access to RU affiliates only. In Alexander, for example, students have regularly complained about lack of seating, especially during the reading and exam periods. As a result, she recommends that we restrict access to non-affiliated individuals after 10:00 p.m. in some libraries. Some hours will vary and all changes will be posted on the website. If we approve the policy it will go into effect this semester in mid-November. Just has spoken to the Rutgers Police and Security and with the VP for Student Services who have endorsed the change. We are not at all unique in doing this. This policy is very similar to those among the CIC and other ARL libraries.

Policy, Planning and Decision Making – Gaunt/Boyle

Gaunt noted that it would be good for the Libraries to document processes that we have been doing related to how policies, planning, and decision making occurs in the Libraries, and to clarify and strengthen our understanding of these practices. As part of her portfolio related to planning, Boyle took the lead in drafting a document that outlines RU practices. She also distributed a concept map visual that showed the major faculty and system-wide group/committee structure and how each related to the others concerning who appoints members, or whether they are elected; who reports to whom; who sponsors the group; who has coordinating responsibility; and who is responsible for communicating to whom. The visual might help in understanding the library practices for policies, planning, and decision making and see how interlinked all our activities are in the Libraries. Boyle started with definitions of policies as described by the university and the University of California system. She noted that policies are sometimes confused with practices. All library policies are approved by Cabinet, and everyone in the Libraries is responsible with knowing and following policies, especially at the Cabinet level where there is organizational oversight. AULs are responsible for policies in their area of responsibility, and must consult with each other in many overlapping areas. It was noted that public services needs to have a major voice in anything that affects users, especially decisions related to technology. Once approved, all policies are posted to the Libraries public policies website and shared via rul_everyone.

Planning is a university-wide effort and Cabinet serves as the steering committee for our strategic planning. All units develop annual goals and annual action plans that fit into the Libraries strategic plan.

Decision-making happens within the framework of our policies and plans and at all levels of the organization. Decision making can happen within a unit, council, committee, task force, or other group charged with carrying out a particular activity without administrative approval. Notice about decisions that affect more than everyday operations is made to the appropriate Cabinet member and shared widely. Consultation occurs whenever a decision impacts the work of another unit or group or requires financial resources or substantial time commitments. All units have responsibility for consultation as necessary.

Communication is successful for library operations. Groups that set annual goals and take minutes must share them with rul_everyone, and the webmaster will put them in the appropriate place on the staff web pages for anyone to review subsequently. Changes that affect our users are posted to the Libraries News pages. Gaunt asked all Cabinet members to review their groups and committees and ensure that all minutes are up to date and on the staff pages, and that work completed is moved to the appropriate place on the site.

Cabinet asked to be informed before any new group is appointed, and that the charge be shared with Cabinet via email, or as an announcement, or a Cabinet agenda item as appropriate so that all are aware of a new effort. Anyone may ask to have an item placed on an agenda of any RUL committee by asking their Director or AUL, their representative to the committee, or the committee chair.

Data Implementation Task Force Interim Report – Just/Palumbo

Just noted that the Task Force on Research Data Implementation was formed in July 2014 in order to “establish an administrative and evaluation framework for the deposit of research data” in accordance with the Libraries and the University’s Strategic Plans. In the charge to the task force they were asked to give Cabinet a periodic update on their progress. Palumbo had prepared the progress report with the assistance of the committee members. Their major focus thus far has been to find out what other institutions are doing related to research data, and she reviewed the highlights of the report. She noted that Rutgers University Libraries (RUL) are poised to offer exceptional research data services to the Rutgers’ research community, including data deposit, archiving and preservation through RUcore, the institutional repository for Rutgers University. As of September 2014, the Task Force has completed a review of the administrative structure of data repositories and the evaluation process for technical, legal, and confidential issues. For the review, thirty seven institutions/repositories were evaluated, including all of the members of the CIC. Review criteria were based on the ARL SPEC Kit 334 Systems and Procedures Exchange Center: Research Data Management Services and included five areas: Research Data Management Services (RDMS); Data Archiving Services; RDM Service Staffing; Partnerships; and Research Data Policy. The report was impressive in its summary of the major thrust in each of the areas identified as important criteria for implementation. Palumbo noted that mediated deposit of data, although viable in the short term, would not be scalable due to the amount of staff time required for checking of data. Self-deposit of data would be a more efficient solution. There were questions about who should create metadata, and whether the Office of General Counsel would approve a plan to have the principal Investigator deposit their data without some vetting by the library. Nonetheless Cabinet members suggested that based on their findings and understanding of the issues, the task force should recommend what it believes to be in the best interests of RU. Gaunt thanked Palumbo and the task force members for their diligent work and looks forward to their final report.

SOAR (Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers) – Mullen/Otto

Mullen and Otto provided an overview of the progress made on developing the SOAR portal in RUcore. The work thus far is impressive, and will make the RU portal more sophisticated than most universities. There is a lot of functionality, and the interface is very clean and easy to use. Otto pointed out the unique aspects of SOAR and how it would assist users to deposit as well as find articles. She noted that we need to expand the expertise within RUL to be able to handle the level of activity we expect, but our timing on completing the process is on target. Mullen noted that we need an institutional structure of support for ongoing work, and the team will be looking at how that might be structured. Cabinet commended the team for their excellent work.


Cohn: We have received 400 responses on the post-integration survey that is located on the Libraries web page; two more weeks to go; reminders will go out this week.

Just: Will be away for the next two weeks in China; in New Brunswick, we are partnering with various campus representatives to build our electronic resource room to be an accessibility enriched room; we have a donor; looking at purchasing a new CCTV.

Golden: Our Chancellor is hosting small dinners with potential donors; Golden will participate by giving tours of our new second floor and the rooms that the students can use.

Kuchi: Next week at PlanCo, we will be discussing the committees and positions and how they are communicated; we will also discuss ballot language and the election of faculty members; we will find out how we nominate to these positions; the faculty team will provide an update.

Askew: Chancellor Cantor is also hosting a donor dinner in the library and will showcase the IJS; it is scheduled for November 17. In anticipation of getting money for the third floor, we are undertaking a space usage study; will roll it out shortly.

Boyle: Thank you all who have submitted your annual action plan grids; please submit if you have not already done so.

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