Minutes of April 20, 2000 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess, James Nettleman, Harriette Hemmasi, Robert Sewell, Adeline Tallau, Joe Consoli, Lourdes Vazquez, Mary Page, Bonita Grant (for Ron Becker)
  1. AUL Report
    1. New Rutgers University Press Plan: The new agreement between the University press director and RUL is that one copy of all published books will be delivered to TSB. (Does not include retrospective titles). Titles will be placed in the appropriate library according to LC class. Special Collections will buy copies of New Jersey related materials for the New Jerseyana collection.
    2. A demo of netLibraries will take place in the Pane Room: Tuesday April 24 at 10:00.am. Members of Vale were invited to attend.
    3. Donation of books: Eric Zwerling/Adviser to Students for Environmental Action/ Department of Environmental Science donated three boxes of science books. They will be distributed to the appropriate libraries, especially Chang Library and LSM.
    4. The Bishop Lecture on April 17 was given by Elaine Showalter, well-known Princeton professor and feminist critic, on the occasion of her donation of over 500 books by and about British and, to a lesser extent, American women authors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The lecture was well attended and well received. The lecture was also covered prominently in the Targum (April 19).
    5. The Core Serials List Forum, held on April 18, was a success. Howard Dess, Ann Watkins, Kevin Mulcahy, Bobbi Tipton, and Ryan Womack spoke, Sewell moderated. A videotape of the forum was made. SCILS will make a copy of the tape for its students and one copy will be catalog and placed in the Media Collection. Core List Bibliography was compiled by Adeline Tallau for the Forum..
    6. The Gay and Lesbian Exhibit was feature in the first page of the Targum today (April 20, 2000).
    7. A Collection Fund Balance(4/19/00) sheet was distributed. State funds are begin spent at an appropriate rate, although it was noted that Newark state funds are now committed at 110%, the limit at which ordering is cut off. Any ordering from Dana Library this year will be on non-state funds. It was also noted that Special Collections funds have been removed from the New Brunswick funds and are tracked as part of the Central funds.
  2. Systems Update: The latest database user statistics were distributed. Systems has loaded the Sirsi Materials Booking module into the test system and is reviewing its use for Media material. Work is continuing on Time Track, the payroll system. Sample cataloguing records for Early English Books Online (EEBO) have been loaded into the test system and Systems is working with Cataloguing to provide holdings statements. They will be ordering a new server to allow continuing service while major modification to the database are being made, such as the implement authority control.
  3. Pro-Quest: A per various concerns brought to the table on this database; CDC has asked the generalist networked resources team to look at the various similar periodical packages as alternatives.
  4. Acquisitions update: All state funds ordered are being entered. Many orders on non-state funds have not processed since orders against state funds must be processed first in order spend out the state funds by June 30.
  5. Collection Budget Request for 2001: BS requested CDC members to bring the inputs into this new budget as per new e-resources needed (Team chairs have until April 30th to bring recommendations), areas of academic growth according to the universityís strategic plan, etc. We also need to begin planning for cancellations for next year in view of inflation and new e-journal packages and other e-resources. As for inflation in 2000 according to Library Journalís Periodical Price Survey (April 15), the figures are: Humanities 7.4%, Social Sciences 9.3% and Science and Technology 8.6%. For RUL mix, the overall average is about 8.8%. According to the budget plan related to the RULís five year plan, we need funding for the conversion of approximately 10% of subscriptions in print to electronic format each year at an increased cost of 10%. It looks like this year we will spend roughly $5 million on serials, of which $ 4 millions are for periodicals and $1 million for non-per. Approximately $800,000 in both categories are for subscriptions to electronic resources. The overall cost for electronic resources this year will be well over $1 million because of several on-time purchases. The budget plan for next year will include increased allocations for document delivery and ILL.
  6. JB noted that Judy Gardner and ILS staff are preparing a report/survey of our ILL service and expenditures. The report should be ready for discussion during the summer. JB gave a report on the status of document delivery. The system will be in place before the end of the fiscal year.
  7. Books/Monographs Approval plan: A representative of Blackwell will be here on Tuesday. A message was sent to all selectors interested in meeting with her. Recent problems with the approval plan: Getting slips instead of books of major academic presses. BS agreed that for the next fiscal year the Art approval plan outside of the Blackwell needs to be funded separately.
  8. Core Serial lists: After the success of the Core List Forum the next step is to start developing RUL core lists. We will proceed to choose major titles by discipline to create core lists and try to find/acquire electronic access for the most important titles. The Council decided we will work in the following areas first: Humanities - American and British History, Philosophy; and Music; Social Sciences: some aspect of Business, to be determined by the Business selectors, Economics and Library Sciences; and Science-Chemistry, Nursing, and General Science. The discipline-representative to the Council will serve as liaisons to the different selectors/specialists.
  9. The Council decided not to go ahead with the Elsevier Science Direct web edition package. Even though the service is free for titles we currently subscribe to, Elsevier does not allow any cancellations of print subscriptions, no matter how many copies we currently subscribe to. Elsevier also required separate licenses for each campus. We felt that would set a bad precedent. TSB will remove all Elsevier links to Iris and will send a message to all faculty on the matter.
  10. NERL's Wiley InterScience Deal- The Council decided to go with it. We currently get Wiley 130 titles in 161 subscriptions. We would get electronic access to all titles currently subscribed to by NERL members (300+ titles) for an additional $16,111 this year. But next year we could cancel our duplicate titles, for a savings of well over $16,000.
  11. BS will report at the end of the year in %'s as per the spending for electronic resources in the four major categories: General/Interdisciplinary, Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Submitted by,
Lourdes Vázquez

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