Minutes of January 18, 2001 Meeting

Sewell, Dess, Sloan, Beck, Page, Soong, Tallau, Consoli, Vazquez, Montanaro, Nettleman (recorder), Grant

1. AUL Report

Bob reported that the E-Book task force has met, and the charge to the group is on the CDC web pages. ALA attendees had assigned tasks to contact e-books vendors. Demos are being planned, and a report is anticipated by mid-March.

2. Report on LC Conference on Bibliographic Control

Mary Page will report next month

3. Review of E-Resources Status

Bob distributed a list of this fiscal year's new selections to date. In a few instances, actual ordering has been problematic. Procedures need to be tightened up. Mary Page will prepare a document describing necessary procedures and responsible parties. This will include fund adjustments when they have been factored into the pricing for approved products. Such adjustments have yet to be made except for Elsevier (Science Direct) subscription cancellations.

Ann Montanaro distributed use statistics and connection refused data. There was a sense that the latter, as well as anecdotal evidence, indicated a need to increase capacity for both Web of Science and Dow-Jones. Additional funding (both the Archive Capital Fee which is one-time and the Annual Access Fee) is also needed for the JStor General Science and JStor Ecology and Botany collections. Extension of Web of Science backfiles is an additional possible use of one-time funding if available later in this fiscal. It was also recognized that the Science allocation of $135k for new initiatives has already been committed.

Bob mentioned that PALINET will be renegotiating the IDEAL (Academic Press e-journals) contract. In this as in other cases costs will be compared between the various consortial contracts (NERL, PALINET, VALE, etc.) for the same product

4. New E-Resources

Humanities proposed and CDC approved Index Islamicus at <$4,000 with 40% from Humanities and 60% from Social Science. Pending is the Medieval Treasury of French Literature which awaits firm pricing in US Dollars.

Social Sciences proposed and CDC approved Gay and Lesbian Abstracts (approx. $1,500), ORS: Polling the Nations ($650 less Alexander cancellation dollars), and Popline (approx. $2,000). Pending is the HRAF (Human Resource Area Files).

General team has pending AP PhotoArchive and Government Periodical Universe. EBSCO's general collection is also being considered.

Mentioned during general discussion of potential resources were extending Web of Science back files, the two new Jstor collections (see above), APA PsycArticles, and Wilson Omnifile.

Bob reminded everyone that we need to continually be conscious of the trade off between expenditures for indexing/abstracting sources versus sources that included actual content. He reminded the council that we may soon begin to hear from patron about confusion and concerns about cancelled hard-copy subscriptions that are now available online only (especially Elsevier titles), and that we should hear out such patrons and explain the library's position in light of the digital library initiative.

5. Document Delivery and ILL Update

Judy Gardner distributed data on the first six month's experience with UNCOVER document delivery. More experienced sites for this sort of service lead us to believe that it takes at least a year for such a service to begin to approach expected levels of utilization. INGENTA/UNCOVER is expected to result in reduced per transaction costs, some improvements in scope of coverage, and some enhancements in software/interface. Fine-tuning of the titles being blocked continues.

Judy discussed Dissertation Express. While only lightly used (75 from July through December), there was a slight price increase beginning in 2001 ($28 vs. $26.50). CDC has decided to give the dissertation to the requestor for the balance of this fiscal, and continue to monitor this service.

A report of the program to acquire current imprints that are requested for ILL was passed around. (These purchases are charge to Fund code ILMX along with other ILL charges such as RILN borrowing, Dissertation Express, and other ILL charges) Slightly more that $3,000 was spent in the first six months of FY 2000/01. Consensus was that the titles looked appropriate and that the program should be continued.

Finally, Judy announced that the Copyright Clearing Center data for CY 2000 would be put on the Access Services web page.

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