Minutes of August 16, 2001 Meeting

R. Becker, J. Boyle (recorder), V. Calderhead, H. Dess, T. Glynn, A. Montanaro, J. Nettleman, M. Page, R. Sewell (chair), J. Sloan, C. Wu

1. AUL Report

2001 Expenditures and Annual Report. Bob Sewell asked that campus coordinators send copies of their collection development reports to him. He distributed various tables that will be in the annual report of the Libraries. There was discussion about dissertations and options for microform and digitization.

2002 Budget Outlook. Bob submitted a budget request following the scheme developed for the long-range plan and is optimistic about the prospects for another increased allocation from the university. He noted that an early allocation has been made. Mary Page confirmed that firm orders dated before January 1, 2000 have been cancelled and lists distributed for selector review. There was discussion about encumbrance review, a good portion of which is being done as part of the serial vendor change.

The Camden vendor change is done, and New Brunswick and Newark are in progress. Howard Dess, Veronica Calderhead, and Jim Nettleman will discuss separately the cancellations required by the ACS online subscription. Bob said in response to a question that an invoice cannot be changed from one non-state fund to a different non-state or state account after it has been paid. There is more flexibility with state funds. Bob reviewed the budget request, and there was a discussion of allocation options.

Networked Resources Evaluation/Selection Teams. New chairs are: Tom Glynn for arts and humanities, Jim Nettleman for GERT, Ryan Womack for social sciences, and Connie Wu for sciences.

Fall Start-up (New Databases, etc.). Jeanne Boyle sent an update message to the faculty and staff e-lists. Proquest has been extended through the end of October.

Evaluation of E-journals. Ann Montanaro, Samson Soong, and Addie Tallau are members of an assessment committee subcommittee that is proposing a user survey about e-journal use. Bob reviewed the proposed questions. There were many questions, and discussion was postponed to a future meeting. Bob was requested to ask Samson to have the subcommittee consider how the results will help us. Ann noted that there is also going to be an online survey of electronic reserves.

Serials Vendor Switch. Bob signed the letter to Faxon the day before the meeting. He reported on a telephone call from Divine. Mary Page reported on the transition. There was discussion about how to handle claims from the Faxon period. The budget office will issue instructions to the units about handling Faxon supplemental bills and credits.

2. Acquisitions Update (including cancellation)

Mary Page reported on improvements in the order backlog, return of orders to selectors for insufficient funds, and serial cancellations. We need to notify vendors of titles cancelled by September 15m though there is some flexibility in the date. All new vendors will get title lists by Friday, the day after the meeting. Bob directed that each campus is to close paper subscriptions of ACS journals and that Wiley funds will be transferred to central. Mary will share the Wiley list with campus coordinators. [Because of developments after the meeting -Wiley is radically changing its terms of use and pricing for 2002- ,the Wiley deal is on hold. NERL is trying to get better terms.]

3. Systems Update

Ann Montanaro reported that authorities work starts today, netLibrary records have been tested, Ebsco records have been tested but not reviewed and should be ready by September, Innopac was turned off July 1, and technical services is being rearranged beginning today.

4. 2001/02 Goals

Bob distributed copies of "2000 Collection Development Goals and Accomplishments and 2001 Objectives" (September 2000), updated with notes describing accomplishments over the past year, and the collection development goals excerpted from A Bridge to the Future.

He began the discussion with a review of the goals from the long-range plan. Overall, significant progress has been made in almost all areas. Recommendations from the discussion were:

The group next reviewed the 2001 objectives. There was discussion about undergraduate needs and weeding. Various objectives were noted as done, ongoing, or not done. Suggestions were that CDC augment campus efforts with a systemwide review of CD-ROM titles for networked availability and become active in promoting development of subject research Web guides as a collection development activity. New goals suggested were to sponsor Blackwell's collection manager training and review the stability of e-journal packages.

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