Minutes of Thursday, February 21, 2002 Meeting

Wu, Glynn, Boyle, Page, Becker, Sewell, Nettleman (recorder), Montanaro, Dess, Sloan, Womack, Calderhead
Grace Agnew

AUL Report - Sewell

A. Preservation consultant (Paul Conway, formerly of Yale, now at Duke) had a site visit on Feb. 4. Following meeting with the Preservation Task Force (including CDC members Becker, Sloan), he also met with Marianne Gaunt and Bob Sewell, Special Collections staff, Farideh Tehrani, Grace Agnew and staff of SCC, and toured Alexander library stacks,. His draft report was received last week; a few clarifications have been offered, and his final report is anticipated by the end of this month.

B. The current issue of "Rutgers Focus" was pointed to for its "center fold" article on the Roebling materials in Special Collections.

WAC Report - Glynn

Tom reported that there will be only a slight revision made to his e-mail draft regarding needed Research Guides. It was decided to send the revised version to all RUL faculty.

Acquisitions - Page

A. Collection Manager training was conducted last week in NB and Newark. Newark will be switching from slips for approvals to Collection Manager.

B. Mary is exploring having Blackwell's provide "shelf-ready" material (labeled, stamped, etc.) at about $3 per item. With our less than satisfactory overall return rate of >10% on book approvals, it's not possible to use the "shelf-ready" service for these. This might be more feasible for certain blanket approvals (a few University Presses) or firm orders. Coupled with the approximate $1 per record for cataloging, this total cost looks well within the present discount rate. Bob stated that any individual profile with a return rate of >10% should be discontinued on the Approval Plan in 2003 and switched to a slip-only program. In order to avoid that possibility, those with such a high rate of return will need to revise their profiles significantly before June 2002.

C. Priority ordering from Barnes and Noble has been stopped. At Grace Agnew's suggestion, Mary is pursuing using local dealers such as Borders in East Brunswick and the Rutgers/Follett Bookstore in New Brunswick.

D. There's presently a 4-week backlog in Acquisitions, principally for firm orders on non-state funds and the remaining state orders received in Acquisitions before Jan. 29, 2002.

Systems Montanaro

A. SIRSI Rep was here for a week earlier this month. Some new ideas for system use and UNICORN improvements were explored.

B. All ELF public machines have been received. LPT-One (software for networked public printing) does not work under Windows 2000. A fix is being worked on by the LPT-One vendor. Thus, Newark machines (where they don't use this software) will be installed first.

C. Demonstration of LUNA is expected by mid-April, with much current effort focused on development of standards.

Budget Planning All

Bob led the discussion by presenting spreadsheets laying out next fiscals (2002-03) likely shortfall. Allowing for serial inflation, loss of reinvestment funds, and the amount necessary to produce a 5% giveback we are facing a total available for next fiscal of about $1.5 million less than the current fiscal. Analysis of this fiscals fund balances shows a non-encumbered state fund total of about $550,000. (This balance also reflects firm orders on hand as of January 29, and binding invoices for material shipped prior to the same date.) Extensive discussion led to the following agreements:

CDC recommends we use nearly all of the $550,000 free in this fiscal to cover essential costs for next fiscal to which we have a solid institutional commitment. This should be done with an eye toward maximizing discounts, or getting other favorable subscription consideration. Examples for such expenditures include Web of Science, SciFinder Scholar, CRL membership, JSTOR, Project MUSE, and the approval plan. This will also reduce the magnitude of savings necessary next fiscal. (It was agreed that Academic Universe, which was on Bob's initial suggested list, would need additional consideration.)

We will cancel all print equivalents for titles in Project MUSE and Literature Resource Center/Gale. (Estimated savings >$40,000.) All but one hard-copy subscription in ABI will be cancelled. (Savings unknown at this time but probably considerably more that MUSE/Gale.) Hard-copy duplicate subscriptions in New Brunswick will be cancelled in all but the most unusual cases.

Electronic Indexes will be analyzed. Agreement to cancel Newspaper Abstracts (>$9,000). It may be necessary to substitute cheaper/"free" versions for indexes such as ERIC, Medline, PsychInfo, and others. E-Resource teams will be ranking groups of indexes in their areas to produce a hierarchical list for broad subjects like life-sciences, business, and reference sources, to enumerate only a few.

Firm orders and binding for the balance of this fiscal year will be from non-state accounts with only a few minor exceptions such as special funds (i.e. Social Work) and reserve material.

On a positive note, we will subscribe to the New York Times via ProQuest Historical Newspapers. Dana and Robeson will not renew their microfilm subscriptions for 2003, just as was done by Kilmer and Douglass for 2002. Alexander will continue to subscribe to an archival quality microfilm copy.

While much of the above appears unpleasant, it none the less demonstrates our continuing and firm commitment to the principles underlying the Digital Library Initiative.

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