Minutes of May 16, 2002 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess, Tom Glynn, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Mary Page, Robert Sewell (chair), Jane Sloan, Gracemary Smulewitz, Ryan Womack (recorder), Connie Wu

1. The meeting began with a discussion of e-mail etiquette. In general, the RUL_Everyone list should be used only for announcements of general concern to all RUL faculty and staff. Replies to messages posted to RUL_everyone should not be directed back to the entire list, but only the sender of the message. Posts to RUL_Everyone should clearly indicate who replies should be directed to. For collection concerns, replies and comments should be directed to the campus representatives (Veronica Calderhead for Newark, Howard Dess for New Brunswick, and Jim Nettleman for Camden).

2. Sewell announced the formation of the D21 leadership committee program planning subcommittee. This committee will define the profile of library materials to be housed at Douglass, especially the women's and gender studies collection, digital collections related to the Margery Somers Foster Center, and the efforts related to manuscript materials related to women in terms of scope, location, and accessibility.

3. Smulewitz reviewed the status of the Douglass collection rationalization project. Collection services has been generating lists of titles for review by selectors, who then determine where the item should be relocated to or whether it should be withdrawn. Dana and Robeson review the titles after New Brunswick selectors. In three weeks, 2800 titles have been evaluated and 1400 have been fully processed. Recon of titles is being done as titles are examined.

The expertise developed in generating the reports from SIRSI for this project will benefit future projects as well.

4. The issue of "last copy" has come up in the Douglass project. The last copy policy was approved and will be posted on the Collection Development web pages:

The last copy of a title is not withdrawn from the Rutgers University Libraries collection, except in cases noted below. Last copies will be housed in the appropriate research collection or in the library annex. After review by the appropriate selector, textbooks [link to textbook policy], superseded editions of non-fiction, material in unusable condition and not worth preserving, and e-resources with inactive URLs may be withdrawn from the online catalog and the collection.

5. Sewell reminded the group of the Research Guides workshop on May 31 and encouraged attendance.

6. After concern was expressed about finding better ways to schedule New Brunswick meetings so that Newark and Camden representatives could attend them more easily, Agnew announced that new teleconferencing equipment will be installed in TSB, Alexander, Robeson, and Dana as part of the ELF proposal. This new equipment will make virtual attendance at meetings more feasible for remote attendees.

7. Sewell delivered the latest budget update. Part of the strategy for next year is to carry over as much as $500,000 in the 2002 budget into next years budget to cushion the blow from 2003 reductions. Current figures indicate that less than $500,000 in unspent funds (free balance) will be available at the end of the year. However, there is still a large encumbrance and many of the encumbered orders either are either false or will not be paid in the current FY budget. Some of this probably represents encumbrances that will not be paid before the end of the year. Collection services is investigating to get a clearer picture of what we can expect. The budget outlook for next year is still not completely certain, but we are now working on cancellations.

The group recognized that the freeze on new orders on state funds in late January impacted some disciplines more than others, and this will be taken into account in setting next year's allocations.

8. Sewell reported that the Coordinating Committee is developing guidelines for evaluating librarianship. As part of this effort, the CDC will be generating a list of indicators to evaluate the collection development component of librarianship.

9. Sewell and Agnew reported that a working group will be formed to develop criteria for the selection of digital projects. A self-evaluation questionnaire will be developed for digital projects. CDC will formulate questions to assess the value of digital collections.

10. Sewell reported that all existing collection development policy statements will be mounted on the CDC's web pages. Selectors are encouraged to revise and modernize these statements as appropriate.

11. Agnew reported that TAS is comparing RLIN and OCLC for cataloging services. A major criteria for evaluation is how each service can help speed up the cataloging process by handling shelf-ready materials. TAS is committed to keeping our records up to date in both RLIN and OCLC. The approval plan also needs to be examined in light of speeding up the acquisitions process. A similar RLIN/OCLC review is taking place from the prospective of public services implications.

12. Page reported that there is currently no order backlog. Staff is now concentrating on receipt of materials. Retirement and departures will leave some critical vacancies in acquisitions. Staff are being trained on these functions, and the replacement of these lines is a high priority.

Acquisitions will hold its open house on the morning of June 12th. All selectors are encouraged to attend.

A graduate assistant from SCILS will be hired to set up a database of terms and conditions of our licenses for our electronic resources, among other projects.

13. Montanaro reported that by the end of May, all public PCs will have been replaced. IRIS will be re-indexed in August. A more detailed announcement of the expected downtime will come later. The Luna demonstration project is about to begin. Luna training has been scheduled for the week of May 20-24.

14. Dess delivered a report on duplicate subscriptions across RUL libraries. These are titles that are available online, and have multiple print subscriptions. Page has checked that our licensing agreements permit cancellation of these titles. Cancelling duplicate print subscriptions for the most expensive group of titles could save up to $90,000 without much inconvenience for RUL patrons.

Womack presented a list of titles available online through ABI/INFORM and also held in print by multiple libraries. Cancelling this group of duplicates could save up to $26,000.

The libraries would retain one archival print copy of these titles.

CDC endorsed the cancellation of these groups of duplicate titles.

Glynn discussed the cancellation of Gale's literary criticism titles (available online as the Gale Literature Resource Center). The cancellation of the print versions of these series would save about $22,000. CDC also endorsed the cancellation of the Gale print titles.

15. The cancellation of electronic indexes was discussed next. Womack submitted the social sciences list, which comprises the ARL Directory of Scholarly Electronic Journals and Academic Discussion Lists, the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, the Kraus Curriculum Development Library, and the World Law Index.

Glynn submitted a ranking of Humanitie.s databases. Possible cuts are SCIPIO and the Index of Christian Art

The list for the sciences was presented by Wu at the previous CDC meeting.

Nettleman reiterated that the Generalist team had recommended in April to replace Academic Universe with WestLaw Campus.

16. Wu and Glynn reported that the survey on faculty liason relationships will be available on the web soon. This survey will be announced to subject selectors when it is available.

17. The June CDC meeting will be held in Newark, and the July meeting in Camden

Respectfully submitted by
Ryan Womack

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