Minutes of April 17, 2003 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle; Howard Dess; Mary Fetzer; Tom Glynn; Michael Joseph (for Ron Becker); Ann Montanaro, recorder; Mary Page; Robert Sewell, chair; Connie Wu
Grace Agnew, Veronica Calderhead, Jim Nettleman

1. AUL Report

Bob reported that talks with UMDNJ have been held to determine how to provide mutually advantageous services and resources for UMDNJ and Rutgers-New Brunswick and Piscataway populations. A joint list has been prepared identifying online products held by both institutions. UMDNJ staff will determine which RUL titles are of interest to them and the Science e-resources evaluation team with Jackie Mardikian and Ann Watkins assistance will review UMDNJ titles. Mutually desired titles will be selected and their costs will be determined if purchased in collaboration. Also a needs assessments is being conducted with focus groups of UMDNJ- New Brunswick/Piscataway faculty and students, and Rutgers- New Brunswick faculty and students in joint programs with UMDNJ.

The mid-year report on collections has been prepared. New databases this year include APS, Evans, NJ Newspapers, and PsychArticles.

Recon progress. Funding has been provided for the NJ Document project and Database Management has completed the conversion of the Alexander F classification and is moving into the PG area (Slavic languages and literatures) and PL (East Asian languages and literatures - studies and translations in western languages- and African languages and literatures).

Bids have been received by potential binders and a binder for all campuses will be selected by the end of May.

Significant gifts have been received: the Fairweather collection and a collection of occult/numerology/herbal medicine materials from the 16th to 19th centuries. Additional materials are being sought to expand the manuscript collections in women and gender studies, including American women artists, especially those from the post-World War 2 period. The archive of Suellen Glasshauser's work has been received including 70 artists' books.

Cataloging records are being considered for microform sets and three sets were approved for purchase: History of Women ($6,122), Pamphlets in American History ($11,408) and Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service ($7,566). Cataloging records for Landmarks in Science may also be purchased if funding permits.

2. Systems

Ann announced that the OCLC reclamation project is on schedule and that all Rutgers' holdings have been removed from WorldCat. They should be ready within the month. A committee appointed by Jeanne Boyle is investigating OpenURL software and has met with several vendors. LINCPlus, bindery interface software is being purchased to add to Unicorn.

3. Acquisitions

Mary reported there is a 2 week backlog in ordering and order requests are being received steadily. Labeling and end-processing are going slowly. Profiling for PromptCat has begun and this will make it possible to have OCLC pre-processing and labeling.

Selectors can elect to receive weekly mail notification for books ordered on their fund codes. Contact Mary to have this set up.

The default amount for orders sent to Acquisitions without a price is $50. If the amount is known to be much lower, selectors should submit a ballpark price so that funds are not over encumbered.

On April 29 a Blackwells representative will work with selectors individually and in small groups. A schedule will follow.

4. Electronic Resources:

Mary is now serving on the VALE Electronic Resources Committee and they are recommending to the VALE Steering Committee that LION (Literature Online), CQ Researcher, and Digital ACM be acquired. Ebsco's Business Source Premier (BSP) was reviewed but VALE chose to stay with ABI/INFORM. The Rutgers business selectors are evaluating BSP.

Dow Jones is changing to Factiva and there will be a change in the interface during the summer.

The Evans collection has been purchased. The MARC records for the collection are not yet ready. PsychArticles is in process. The Emerald Management Reviews offered to supply electronic access to all of their 300 titles for the price of the 20 now received in print. The contract must remain active for 3 years to maintain the offer. The proposal was sent to the Social Sciences Team. A proposal from CSA-Sage Collection sent to NERL was also sent to the Social Sciences Team.

5. Budget Dilemma

Bob shared financial numbers for 2003 and projections for 2004 showing the projected deficit anticipated in 2004, which could be a shortfall of $2 million in the collections budget alone. Everyone was encouraged to write personal letters to legislators and newspapers showing their support for higher education.

Bob, Howard, and Mary met to discuss ways to reduce the Science Direct costs. 80% of Rutgers use comes from 30% of the Science Direct titles. 371 titles are the most heavily used. Elsevier has a "Freedom Plan" that permits the selection of individual titles but even when titles are selected individually, the cost remains the nearly the same.

A campaign is needed to explain to faculty the funding issues and Bob will prepare a message for selectors for distribution.

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