Minutes of November 20, 2003 Meeting

R. Becker, J. Boyle (recorder), K. Denda, H. Dess, T. Glynn, J. Mardikian, A. Montanaro, M. Page, R. Sewell (chair)
G. Agnew, V. Calderhead, K. Mulcahy, J. Nettleman

1. AUL Report

Bob Sewell reviewed information about the budget as reported in a front page Focus article and the work underway to develop a new budget request process. He outlined an approach for preparing collections future budget requests that will include ongoing needs and inflation in the base budget plus one-time funding needs.

The new website template for cancelled databases has been used for MultexNet. Kayo Denda will contact selectors working on descriptions for Sheppard s and the Index to Current Urban Documents. The procedure is that the selector will write the description when he or she makes the decision to cancel so that it is ready when the resource is taken down.

Bob reported on the NERL annual meeting. Topics included: automatic budget increases for inflation, budget status at member institutions, project counter, cooperative collection agreements among BorrowDirect libraries, archival rights and perpetual access language in NERL contracts, possible future look at interlibrary loan and other services language in NERL contracts, recent press for NERL principles for licensing e-journal packages, compilation of a master list of ScienceDirect print holdings for an archiving project, Swets Blackwell service for managing e-journal subscriptions. There was discussion about NERL and Elsevier and what members who opted out of the big deal are doing. The per title cost and use of ScienceDirect titles was discussed. Bob distributed NERL principles for e-journal licenses. Minutes of the NERL meeting are available from Bob.

Bob reviewed points in an article about the big deal shared previously, news about a faculty resolution at UC Santa Cruz, and work on an e-journal platform at Rutgers. He noted that we are doing a lot and keeping up with the rest of the country.

2. Acquisitions Report

Mary Page reported that ordering is up to date and processing is behind only one week. She reported on the Charleston conference. Topics included: project counter, pricing models for e-journals and e-journal packages, publishers except Elsevier are hurting, Elsevier is working to offer book such series as Methods in Enzymology. Collection manager training sessions are being scheduled, and OpenURL development is proceeding.

3. System Report

Ann Montanaro distributed database and NetLibrary statistics. She noted that we need to make a decision about whether to include searches or full-text downloads for ScienceDirect. Mary added that Mei Ling Lo has reviewed NetLibrary titles.

4. Questions for Departmental Liaisons for DLI II Planning

Bob distributed draft questions with the agenda and also as a separate sheet at the meeting.

The timeline for DLI II planning is to have departmental meetings conclude by mid-January, followed by a debriefing, focus groups in mid-March and a steering group appointed by the fall. The following needs for selector participation were identified: an introductory script that references the past plan and gives progress highlights, a clear definition of what is to be delivered, a list of new library support possibilities (as, the e-journal platform). It was suggested that the questions be enhanced with a more detailed list of choices, possibly like the CLIR Outsell survey categories. Bob will work with Jeanne to refine the questions.

5. New Resources for Central Funding

Kayo distributed a list of recommendations from the social sciences team. All recommendations were approved for central funding using funds freed by cancellations with the exception of the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency. Because of its low price, the Journal needs to be purchased from campus funds. The team will work to coordinate the pooling of selector funds for the Journal.

Titles approved were:

Bob called for volunteers to review collection development policies and procedures. Mary, Kayo, someone from special collections, and council campus representatives will form the group.

Bob requested e-resource recommendations from other resource teams but that at this point only funds available for new resources come from money freed up through cancellations, as was the case with the social science resources.

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