Minutes of April 15, 2004 Meeting

Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess, Tom Glynn, Triveni Kuchi (Recorder), Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Mary Page, Robert G. Sewell (AUL).

1) Announcements and AUL Report - Sewell

2) Acquisitions Report

Orders are being made on time and it is about the time to move activity into receiving.

Mary will send out information regarding 2003 approval plan amounts per Blackwell profiles, as well as amounts for 2004 (current) spent. The approval plan schedule is ready and selectors will be meeting YBP representatives the week of April 26-30 for profiling. This session is only for profiling. A future session for training on GOBI will be announced sometime in June. June 23rd is Blackwell s last day for shipping approval books. YBP starts from July 1, 2004.

3) Systems Report

A mass storage system has been acquired through NJDH funds and it will be used for both NJDH and the Rutgers Repository. The system has 7 terabytes of disk storage and includes a tape backup system.

4) Results of Liaison Discussions with Departments (DLI II)

From the viewpoint of collection development and reacting to departmental requests, the survey result summaries were too general. Comments specific to collection development will/should be looked at closely by selectors, especially to make the budget requests for next year.

5) Selector Budget Request form

Bob presented the selector budget request form at the NBCG meeting. The NBL selectors made comments, which have been incorporated, into the form. The form will have potential to change based on this year's trial. Selectors will be requested to fill out the needed information and send in the form by May 10, 2004.

6) E-Resources request discussion

Respectfully submitted,
Triveni Kuchi

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