Minutes of September 16, 2004 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Susan Beck, Jeanne Boyle (recorder), Veronica Calderhead, Kayo Denda, Tom, Glynn, Bonita Grant, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Bob Sewell (chair)
Ron Becker, Howard Dess

1. AUL Report

JerseyClicks databases are available to all New Jersey libraries. Bob distributed a copy of the opening page. Rutgers library barcodes allow access, and Ann Montanaro said that systems is in the process of making the databases available to our users using IP instead of barcodes. The databases cannot be linked to directly through either method. We need to check VALE databases for what page they return to upon exit, and we need to be careful not to duplicate database purchases with what is available without cost through the state. This is right now a public services issue. It was decided to wait until next year to considering relying on JerseyClicks for database acquisition. We need to be involved in the state database selection process, and it was suggested that we invite the state library to visit.

State funds have been allocated primarily to fixed costs. $200K has been allocated to the approval plan. Other book and firm orders need to be ordered from non-state funds. Social work funds have been allocated to the campuses, and Bob will check with the Dean to see if the grant will be renewed.

The Knowledge Initiative team is negotiating with database vendors. The selection decision will be made by November 15.

New non-state funds could be released any day. Bob described the process for getting funds from the Foundation into our accounts.

2. Systems Report

Ann Montanaro distributed database statistics. Systems is working with the Office of Information Technology (OIT, formerly RUCS) to test new proxy methods. Director's station and iLink have been ordered, and renovations to the computer room completed. The mass storage system for the repository has been received and installed.

3. Acquisitions Report

Mary Page reported that the YPB plan is up and running. Former standing orders have been moved to the approval plan to take advantage of the better discount, and funds need to be reallocated from standing order to approval. Mary will work with selectors to identify the amount to be transferred. Related actions are: dummy title records for standing order holdings will not be kept in the acquisitions module but will still be listed as usual in the catalog, the standing order volumes are on the approval shelves, selectors should not send back individual standing order volumes unless they want the standing order cancelled. Standing orders that could not be put on the approval plan, such as Camden's publisher series, will remain continuations. Titles that could not get a standing order discount have been moved to the approval plan.

Selector orders are not yet being put into GOBI. GOBI will be live in the next few weeks, and there will be additional training for selectors.

Mary answered questions about several other specific issues, such as fewer books coming in compared to Blackwells, that will be resolved during the shakedown period.

Mary reported that the serials team is working on the cancellation project. The team has been able to combine work on print and e-journals and achieve such benefits as bigger discounts.

4. Decisions That Need To Be Made On Serials Packages

ABI/Inform has been cancelled and titles withdrawn from the catalog. Some titles will be restored from business librarians' recommendations. A list was distributed at the meeting. With the funds freed up, we are subscribing to two new business databases: Investext and Dun's Key Business Ratios.

A chart of the titles that the Duke University Press is withdrawing from Project Muse was distributed, and options were discussed. It was decided to subscribe via Duke as electronic only with the understanding that the platform for the coming transitional year will be Ingenta Select.

Bob noted that we could recoup substantial dollars if we cut to one print copy of duplicate journal subscriptions without online access. A chart of these titles was distributed to selectors with a charge to review content, but selectors have not responded. After discussion, it was decided that Bob and Mary should send out one more e-message to selectors. The deadline for response was the following day.

5. Allocation and Reallocation Principles

There was a wide-ranging discussion about what to do with dollars recouped from cancellations, the Knowledge Initiative, and various money saving strategies. It was recommended that we would:

6. Designated Academic Areas of Excellence: How Do They Effect Collections?

We need to look at what we are doing in each area: who is collecting relevant materials, who are the librarians with expertise, develop portals/guides. We need to bring library needs and support, including the role of the repository, to the attention of the university administration and researchers in these areas. An idea is to work with OIT to develop an infrastructure plan. Bob will set up teams.

7. Collection Development Goals

A draft set of goals was distributed at the end of the meeting. There was only time for a cursory look at the draft and there was general approval. But more time for discuss is needed. The goals will be on the agenda first at the next meeting. It was also suggested that each group working on a goal determine what it would mean to succeed at their assigned goal and how to measure that success.

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