Minutes of November 29, 2004 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead (via teleconference), Howard Dess, Kayo Denda (recorder), Tom Glynn, Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Mary Page, Bob Sewell


Knowledge Initiative. It is still pending. The negotiation continues at the state level with vendors, and there is no decision at this time.


YBP Approval Plan. The workflow has improved. All approval books received display in IRIS the status “pending” instead of “on order” reflecting accurately their status in the workflow.

YBP Profile. In response to selectors' needs, recalibration of the RUL profile took place. Ex. List price publisher books, initially excluded, have been added with same discount rate of 18%. The size of shipment is larger.

Table of Content. Concerns over the lack of TOC for YBP books continue. This situation skews the IRIS keyword search results by favoring books with TOC, supplied by Blackwell through June'04, and under-representing newer books without TOC. There are products that supply TOCs and GERT could sponsor/submit its purchase as e-resource using central funds. Mary Page will provide quotes from TOC vendors at the next CDC meeting.

Ordering from GOBI. A test group in NBL is ordering online from YBP. Mary anticipates online ordering to be available to all selectors in February 2005.YBP will come for additional training in February '05.


EEBO. 7000 records will be reloaded during winter break and 500+ new titles will be added.

New Proxy Server. The use of NetID will facilitate remote access to new RUL users. Current RUL users will ease into it before September' 05.


Ratio. If KI comes through at $1 million for RUL, the ratio 80 x 20 will be maintained between 'one time' and 'ongoing' purchases.

Recommended databases. Teams submitted the following titles for consideration. If KI comes through, a special meeting will be scheduled for discussion and final decision. The following are the top picks by the four teams:

Generalist: Wilson Omnifile Full Text Mega (Ongoing: $36,000. ~$9,000 after duplicate databases' cancellation)

Encyclopedia Britannica (Ongoing subscription: $17,000)

American Geophysical Union Publications (Veronica will investigate)
Food Science and Technology Abstracts (less than $4,674)
New England Journal of Medicine (Ongoing subscription: $1,250)

Soc Sci:
Wilson Omnifile Full Text Mega (same as above in Generalist recommendations)
PAIS Archive (One-time: $6,000 with OCLC platform)

Literature Online (One-time: $42,000 for 5 years)

JSTOR Arts & Sciences Collection III (Upfront fee: $27,000, ongoing subscription: $12,750)

Other Issues:

In conjunction with new titles, there is a need to evaluate and possibly cancel databases that are underused. Ex: Gale Ready Reference. If cancellation is contemplated, Mary can provide specific information such as database's commitment renewal cycle.

The E-Resources Team Leaders should review/evaluate the databases as part of their responsibilities.


This item will be the top agenda item for Jan 20 '05 meeting. Additional suggestion included moving routine items, such as unit reports, to the end of the agenda or sharing them via e-mail prior to the meeting.

To start discussion, Sewell suggested four themes:

He also noted that the strategic plan is not a budget plan. A budget plan will follow strategic plan.

Preliminary discussion for the strategic planning identified several issues:

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