Minutes of January 19, 2006 Meeting

G. Agnew; R. Becker; J. Boyle; V. Calderhead (via videoconference); J. Cassel (for Susan Beck); S. Harrington; K. Hartman; J. Howard (for Mary Page); A. Montanaro, recorder; K. Mulcahy; L. Mullen; J. Nettleman (via videoconference); C. Pecoraro, guest; R. Sewell, conducting; J. Shepard.

1. AUL Update.

Grace Agnew, Jeanne Boyle and Bob Sewell attended a Media Summit with OIRT to reach an understanding on streaming digital video. They agreed to split the responsibilities with the libraries being responsible for collections, preservation of moving images, building resources, and licensing. OIRT will be responsible for delivery of elearning. The library will explore streaming delivery of the current media collections.

Farideh Tehrani has accepted new responsibilities for preservation. She will split her time between that and the New Brunswick libraries. She will survey the current practices and work on grants and fund-raising. Ian Bogus will coordinate binding and preservation activities systemwide and work in the area of digital preservation.

2. Acquisitions Update

Janet Howard reported that Steve Hyndman, the YBP sales representative, met with the NB selectors and they are preparing for changes needed to implement shelf-ready. The PromptCat record will be loaded with the holding library. Drop shipments will begin after July 2006 and new workflow procedures are needed.

The current orders are up-to-date. Ebook ordering is moving from NetLibrary to YBP. YBP held slips and books for 3 weeks during the holiday break. In the future, no request will be made to suspend deliveries as books will be held by UPS and the mail will be received. The Acquisitions Department staff will provide GOBI training for selectors upon request.

3. Systems Update

Ann Montanaro reported that the MARC records for the 18th Century collection have been received and will be loaded in February. The MARC records for the EEBO Thomason Tracts records are currently being loaded. The Repository has been named RUCORE - Rutgers Community Repository. Ann demonstrated the software being prepared for electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). It will be available for some students in the New Brunswick Graduate School by May 2006 and will eventually replace all paper dissertations.

4. Electronic Resources

Cathy reported on the status of resources approved for acquisition:

  1. Asia-Studies Full Text Online - in progress
  2. FAOSTAT - the price for 3 campuses was more than anticipated
  3. Family & Society Studies Worldwide - available
  4. Mintel Reports - URL requires all users to log-in. In progress
  5. SAE Publications - Cataloging in progress. Link has been activated and Cathy is working on a generic search screen.
  6. JSTOR III - needs additional funding for all 3 campuses
  7. LION - Titles are available in A to Z list. Need MARC records.
  8. 18th Century Collections Online (ECCO) - Archival DLT tapes received and being sent to off-site storage. CD received with MARC records and they will be loaded.
  9. AGU - License being prepared. Expected to be active in about 1 month.
  10. Royal Society of Chemistry - Journal package completed.
  11. Sage - packages need additional review
  12. Accounting Research Manager – in process
  13. Elsevier’s Psychology Book Series – in process

In response to a question about changing search interfaces, CDC members agreed that once the options of a search interface had been established, those options should not be changed unless there is agreement from Public Services. The selector should not request a change to the user interface without consultation.

The teams presented the following new products for review.

General Team

Arts and Humanities Team

Science Team

Subscriptions to print journals should only be maintained if the print is superior to the electronic. Proposer/selector needs to discuss print cancellations with appropriate selectors before proposals go forward.

5. Gift Collections

John Shepard led a discussion of "Draft Guidelines for the Acquisition of Gift Collections." Several revisions were suggested: omit the number of libraries, add text to the "Initial Selection Decision" to read "If worth pursuing, the selector will assess the gift collection on site..." The document needs additional review by selectors on each campus. "Policy on Gifts of Materials to the Libraries" was review with one change: add the email address for the AUL for Collection Development and Management in the third paragraph. The document is ready to be placed on the library web pages. The "Review form for Potential New Collections (Gift or Purchased)" was discussed and generally approved with some additional edits.

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