Minutes of November 16, 2006

Susan Beck, Ron Becker, Veronica Calderhead (via videoconference), Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman (recorder), Ann Montanaro, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jim Nettleman (via videoconference), Mary Page, Robert Sewell (chair), John Shepard, Gracemary Smulewitz, Farideh Tehrani, Mary Beth Weber (guest), John Coakley (guest, SCILS intern)

AUL Report

R. Sewell asked for topics to be discussed at future CDC meetings, and the following were proposed:

Allocation of Nonstate funds (local and central) R. Sewell asked that any funds allocated from central nonstate monies be spent or encumbered by the end of this fiscal year, or they will be taken and redistributed for next year. He will provide a list of these funds. A question arose re: restrictions on continuations-if a selector with an endowed fund was willing to make the commitment, the funds could be allocated to continuations.
R. Sewell also noted that more of the Van Waggoner principal remained than previously reported.

Cataloging of Print Copies of Internet Resources (Mary Beth Weber)

M. B. Weber presented a draft of "Procedures for Cataloging Printouts of Internet Resources" for comment. The standard workflow for acquiring free electronic resources was discussed and generally accepted. There was discussion of when it is appropriate to catalog a print copy of an Internet resource, in particular, grey literature that is unique in some way. Additional guidelines for local history and Rutgers grey literature and other grey literature of substance will be prepared by R. Becker and K. Hartman.

Systems Update (Ann Montanaro)

IRIS will go down at 6pm on Saturday, December 30 and be up approx. 18 hours later. Winter term classes may be affected slightly.

The MARC records provided to support Article Linker have weaknesses. Some are just the title and url and we are adding a caveat, "record produced by vendor," for those items.

Searchlight (federated search) will be demonstrated next month for feedback. PSC will determine placement of Searchlight on the Libraries website based on recommendations it has received.

Systems is making a list of vendors that are RefWorks enabled and will have Public Access machines modified to accept pop-ups from these vendors.

Principles for Licensing Networked Resources (Mary Page)

M. Page recommended an update to our terminology-networked is assumed, and these are digital resources. The draft document, "Principles for Licensing Digital Resources" was reviewed. The document essentially describes who we are in terms of acquiring digital resources. Several small wording changes were suggested. The document will be revised and put up for public viewing.

M. Page also distributed draft "Acquisition and Retention Polices for Journals in Print and Online Formats." The draft was briefly discussed and it was suggested that the Campus Coordinators send this to their faculty for discussion and comment. Revisions should be sent to M. Page.

Textbooks (Sara Harrington)

S. Harrington provided a history of the NBFC "textbook" resolution. More recently, a student movement to donate textbooks to put on Reserve has been initiated and we need a response for the NBFC. Several points were made:

M. Page and S. Harrington will craft a response vis-à-vis these policies to give back to the NBFC.

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