Minutes of September 19, 2007

R. Becker, V. Dent, K. Hartman (recorder), K. Mulcahy, L. Mullen, A. Montanaro, M. Page, R. Sewell (chair), J. Shepard, G. Smulewitz, Julie Still, F. Tehrani, A. Watkins

1. AUL Update-R. Sewell

The non-state allocations are coming soon, probably next week. Some non-state funds have been allocated: UMDNJ money for periodicals and funds to support Camden Community College.

The Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) had its first meeting. The Committee will meet on a monthly basis and focus on philosophy and policy issues, e.g., how to structure education efforts, review RUCore policies, etc. Current members are within RUL, but membership will expand to outside the Libraries, e.g., the head of Rutgers Press, representatives of the research and academic affairs offices, etc.

2. Systems Update-A. Montanaro

The Novell servers are being replaced with Windows serves, using ELF money left over from that original allocation. Replacement will take approximately six months. PCs are also being swapped and replaced.

A new task group has been formed, the Web Services Working Group, comprised of programmers and SCC members. Focus of the group will be web infrastructure and services such as the content management system.

3. Acquisitions Update-M. Page

Acquisitions is gearing up for when funds are released. Free balances in non-state funds can be used now. Foreign orders are currently o.k., but the staff position that deals with these orders will be posted soon.

A tentative agenda for J-Client training was distributed. Training for selectors will probably take place in November.

RLG databases-team leaders will check with liaisons regarding titles to keep and number of users. Responses need to be sent to Mary by September 30.

Ebsco titles available through Vale/JerseyClicks-M. Page will contact the state regarding the stability of these titles, and then send these to WAC and cataloging if appropriate.

Ebooks Task Force (M. Page, L. Mullen, M. Lo, C. Pecoraro, K. Hartman)-This task force is examining E-book platforms and providers, analyzing scope and coverage, pricing models, archival options, etc. Vendor demonstrations will be scheduled to follow CDC meetings over the next few months. There will be a presentation from Ebrary today. The task force will develop a plan for acquiring e-books by March, 2008. M. Page asked that CDC members and liaisons send her vendor suggestions, especially in the social sciences and humanities areas.

Usage statistics-M. Page noted that Serials Solutions can provide usage statistics at the individual journal title level. There are caveats, however. Statistics are tabulated as click- thrus from the A-to- Z list and from the SERSOL link in IRIS. Neither click-thrus from publisher links in IRIS nor click-thrus from within databases are collected. This is a data source we may want to think about.

Ann is working with Searchlight to figure out how its statistics relate to those database usage statistics provided by the vendors.

Rutgers University Libraries is hosting a Serials Solutions workshop October 24 and October 25.

4. Distributed Technical Services Update-G. Smulewitz

DTS has created lists of journal titles that have subscription price increases of 20% or more. These titles represent a total increase of over $30, 000. Selectors will take a look at these lists and let DTS know what to retain or cancel.

5. Cataloging and Metadata Services-M. Weber

The records from Serials Solution (SERSOL links) were added to IRIS.

6. Collection Measures and Directors Station-K. Mulcahy

The Collections Data and Measures subcommittee met and generated a number of ways to use data to explain trends we are seeing in our macro statistics, e.g., circulation, subscription and purchase patterns, etc. Directors Station will be utilized to produce data on circulation by LC, year by year, for example. The larger university context will also be explored-the annual messages of the President is one example. The subcommittee will meet again at the end of October to assess its progress.

7. Requested Databases

The current list of central requests will be transferred from the staff resources pages to the Sakai Selectors/Liaisons site. M. Page will work with Sam McDonald to make this happen.

R. Sewell referred to the distributed JSTOR price list and said there are some incentives now for multi-site campuses. Segments can also be bought and there is a 10% discount on the capital fee.

There was a brief discussion on priorities for potential database purchases. It was suggested that comparisons be made to our peer and aspirant institutions. It was also suggested that backfile, one-time purchases be considered, e.g, Web of Science.

Next meeting: October 18, 2007

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