Minutes of June 19, 2008 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ron Becker, Jeris Cassel (recorder), Karen Hartman, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Bob Sewell (Chair), Gracemary Smulewitz, Julie Still, Farideh Tehrani, Ann Watkins, Mary Beth Weber

AUL Report

1. Committee on Scholarly Communication---Repository Matters

--RUCore Collection Policy Draft
Bob introduced and led a discussion on the draft RUCore Collections Policy developed by the Committee on Scholarly Communication. The idea is to link to an FAQ from the mission statement. Some suggestions offered by the group were to include graduate students and other selected communities such as undergraduates doing honors theses under the section on who can deposit materials. Under the section on types of collections acceptable, indicate that e-journals in the repository should open-access. Grace clarified that both published and unpublished items are acceptable for the repository, that we are gearing up to accept both dynamic and completed datasets in the coming year, and that we can do digitization. Those depositing items must check to be sure that publishers okay inclusion in a repository. No judgments will be made regarding scholarship on items submitted. For questions regarding copyright and intellectual issues, Grace noted that Rhonda Marker refers to Jeanne Boyle as needed. Further discussions and decisions are needed on the development of the collection, including setting priorities on soliciting items, collections, and partnerships. Grace suggested the need to craft the collection and establish a work plan. Liaisons will be important in communicating information regarding the repository.

--Discussion on Teacher Copyright Education
An ARL brochure on copyright tips for faculty and teaching assistants was distributed. Bob emphasized the importance of gearing up in the summer for copyright education. Liaisons will be asked to contact their respective departments on the matter. In the discussion on how to reach the faculty and teaching assistants, suggestions included starting with teachers of undergraduates, director of undergraduate programs, and administrative assistants who assist with course packets; incorporate information into Sakai, Blackboard, and e-College/e-Companion training; provide information through course reserve contacts; and prepare a triage for copyright (copyright team). Specific questions regarding copyright should be sent to Jeanne Boyle who will confer with RU legal counselor as needed.

2. Budget

NJKI may be partially funded, but may be available only on JerseyClicks to public libraries or it might include business and general sources, not the sciences. If NJKI is not funded, Bob estimates that it will cost RUL $675,000 to $700,000 to fund the databases. By the end of this fiscal year, RUL will have spent approximately $7 million on continuing costs. A likely inflation rate on serials of at least 10% will make matters difficulty next year. With $1.2 million increase to the base budget for FY2009, there is still a shortage. With anticipated false encumbrances due to some of the changes in duplicate subscriptions over the year, other identified savings and cuts, and with continuing efforts by DTS in working with vendors on pricing structures and other avenues of savings, it is expected that this gap will be covered and further prepayments may be made. Bob will resurrect and revising the letter to the deans and department chairs (the one not distributed due to changes in immediate situation) to send out in the fall to note a continuing issues with the collections budget.

Usage Data

A document regarding the sources and uses of usage statistical data prepared by Laura Mullen and Gracemary Smulewitz was distributed. Laura and Gracemary suggested a task force, or working group to investigate statistics useful for assessing the use and value of our collections. Comparative analyses of usage data, especially with other peer aspirant institutions is lacking. Consensus was that members of the current Data Committee (Julie Still, Kevin Mulcahy, Karen Hartman, and Laura Mullen) be members of the working group and that the working group be proposed to the new Library Resources Council.


Bob will submit revised Strategic Plan Action grid of CDC goals to the Library Resources Council.

Farewell to CDC/Transition to LRC

In this last meeting of CDC, Bob gave a brief historical overview of collection development beginning with the first system-wide group SACCDM chaired by Lynn Mullins in 1988, his first immediate challenges regarding the directions for collections of Kilmer, Douglass, and Alexander and the reduction of duplication, and the change of the reporting of Special Collections to him.

A number of CDC members will be part of the new Library Resources Council which will provide some continuity in addressing collections matters. Some continuing concerns for the new council include: cancellations, selector’s toolkit, book approval plan, role of selector, role of organizing and presenting materials (searching Web versus cataloging), and preservation of scholarly knowledge and print resources.


Grace announced that the Systems head position has been approved for posting and hopes to have it posted by late July. She will be looking for a candidate with strong IT, web services, Internet 2.0, and networking expertise.

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