Minutes of Standing Advisory Committee on Collection Development December 18, 1997 Meeting

Ron Becker; Ben Beede; Veronica Calderhead; Howard Dess; Tessa Evans; Ellen Gilbert; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Jim Nettleman; Bob Sewell, conducting; Jane Sloan

1. Unicorn and Acquisitions Update.

Nancy Hendrickson attended the meeting to give part of the update. The GTI (Get Them In) project to get 15,000 to 16,000 serial order records into Unicorn is progressing on schedule. It requires manual entry into Unicorn from Innopac printout reports. All Faxon and EBSCO orders, as well as those from other major vendors with 10 or more orders, will be completed before 12/24. Other vendors will be completed in 1998.

Standing orders are a problem and orders have not been entered for them. Only one payment can be made per year on a record so they cannot be coded as serials or there will not be an adequate audit trail. Additionally, standing orders must be ordered, received, and paid by the same Unicorn "library."

Since July, 1997, invoices have been paid by university accounting but the payments are not in either Innopac or Unicorn. They will be entered after the GTI Project is completed. BNA electronic approval books are being received and paid in Innopac. That will continue until June, 1998. All firm orders for FY 97/98 are in Unicorn. Since selectors cannot determine what funds are available, Nancy and Bob will issue guidelines for ordering in January. Until that is issued, selectors can expend half of the anticipated allocation before funds are reflected in Unicorn. Any firm order of $1,000 this fiscal year requires Bob's signature before the order is submitted.

Orders can be sent to Acquisitions after 12/19.

2. Additional funding.

Veronica Calderhead announced that the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is giving Dana $20,000 to fill in gaps in the collection. Ellen Gilbert announced the Dean of the Graduate School of Social Work has given $15,000 from a grant to support resources in child public welfare.

3. Systems Update.

The Systems Department schedule for December-January was distributed online. Because of the Unicorn software upgrade and reindexing, the WebCat interface will not be redesigned before second semester. Work is being done to make the Ovid Web interface available locally.

4. Electronic Resources Update. Agricola, Life Sciences, and Environmental Science are available from Ovid through their Web interface at gateway.ovid.com. The ID is demoas and the password is rut007. Ovid will be providing trials of Books in Print Plus and Ulrichs from the same address. The titles in the Ideal package are being cataloged. The URL for the list of Ideal title is: http://www.idealibrary.com/cgi-bin/www.idealibrary.com_8011/iplogin

5. AUL Report.

A. The long range planning report is in progress and will be completed the beginning of next semester. There is a listserve and it can be subscribed to by sending mail to rul_open@smithers. In the body of the message enter subscribe your name.

B. Multicultural funds in the amount of $16,000 have been received from the three campuses. The Diversity Committee will determine the best use of the funds. Ellen Gilbert was asked to convey to the Diversity Committee that SACCDM recommends the funds be spent entirely for books and other library resources.

C. I.C.I. funding. It is expected that the libraries will receive next year at least what was allocated this year. Bob distributed a report showing the use of ICI-supported electronic databases.

6. CD-ROM Task Force Report.

The committee found the selection and evaluation sections of the report useful and recommended that the control of paid CD-ROMS be the immediate responsibility. GPO CD-ROMS are not a priority in terms of access. One change in procedures was noted, Bob now handles are contract issues. The $11 out-of-print charge seemed to be too low.

7. Bob distributed the Electronic Resources Implementation Chart. There was a discussion of the cataloging of electronic resources. The committee recommendeda "conservative" approach to the cataloging. The catalog should reflect what Rutgers "owns" - has paid for or has registered access to via authorized IP address.

8. The SACCDM calendar for 1998 was distributed. The January meeting agenda will include Interlibrary loan and document delivery, principles for maintenance of back issues in view of JSTOR titles availability, and preservation.

Subject: SACCDM Minutes Clarification

There have been several questions related to one item in the Dec. SACCDM minutes related to the AULCDM's approval for "big ticket" items ($1000+) before orders are placed.

This is a temporary procedure during this period of transition when we will have almost not accounting data in Unicorn. While most of the serials order records have been input, there is a huge backlog of invoices/payments that must be put into the system. This will take many, many weeks to carry out. Therefore, for the rest of this FY, I need to approve large orders to make sure I'm generally aware of major purchases and where the funding will be coming from.

Bob Sewell

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