Minutes of April 15, 1998 Meeting

Ron Becker; Veronica Calderhead; Howard Dess; Ann Montanaro; Kevin Mulcahy; Jim Nettleman; Robert Sewell, conducting; Jane Sloan.

Handouts: Database Use, 1997-98; Report on the Document Delivery Pilot Project; three sections of the Long Range Plan: Goals and Activities for the Implementation of the Five Year Plan; Collection Development Principles; and Budget Requirements - Collections.

1. AUL Report

VALE. Bob reported the project has received almost unanimous support from the NJ College and University Presidents. The funding will be between $1.5 and $2.5 million if it is accepted and will be used for database purchases, Ariel workstations and software, and a search engine. SiteSearch has been recommended for the search engine with the following initial databases: ABI, Periodical Abstracts, PsychInfo, and CINAHL. Rutgers will not use PsychInfo via SiteSearch. The initial commitment to VALE would be for a 2 year period. The long term strategy/hope is that the State will fund electronic resources separately and with additional funds.

Marianne and Bob visited all three campuses to discuss the Long Range Plan with library faculty and staff and discussed the document at the Library Faculty meeting (April 4). A new version of the report is going up on the web (http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/ ~jeboyle/ lrptop.htm) and by April 23 the final draft will be finished and the Long Range Planning Committee will meet with Dr. Seneca. In order to build a budget request based on the Long Range Plan, Bob asked the group to prepare a list of new journals requested but NOT ordered because of budget shortfalls might be effective. H. Dess agreed to issue a request to the NB faculty to supply this information; Veronica will do likewise at Newark, and Jim at Camden. This information will be forwarded to Bob Sewell ASAP.

The chart showing the progress of selecting and implementing electronic resources is available on the web at: http://aultnis.rutgers.edu/ rul/ elecresprogress/pnerf.html. CAB Abstracts has been acquired by trading print expenditures for electronic and is currently available from the Ovid server until they can be mounted locally. (The SACCDM Networked Electronic Resources Subcommittee met immediately after the SACCDM meeting.)

2. Systems Update

Ann distributed the latest usage statistics for the networked database products currently available at Rutgers. One striking fact is the sharp fall-off from the peak usage levels recorded last Oct/Nov, with current (Feb/Mar) levels less than half the earlier levels. The group speculated as to possible explanations: 1. majority of users using the web version this semester which is substantially slower than the telnet version, so perhaps this factor is discouraging user from searching as extensively as they might other wise have done; 2. OVID has now reinstalled simultaneous user limits, so prospective users may not be able to get into the database of their choice as easily as before.

Ann announced that Eric Sakowski has resigned. IRIS, Ovid, Innopac, and the library web pages will be down on May 27 and 28 while electrical work is done in the library computer room and old Geac equipment is removed.

3. Acquisitions Update

Ann reported for Acquisition: almost all orders received to date have been submitted; cataloging for new materials is largely completed but substantial numbers are awaiting end-processing because of a vacancy in that area.

3. Report on the Document Delivery Pilot Project.

Jeanne Boyle reviewed the pilot project conducted at Cook from May 1997 to January 1998. There was positive reaction to the UnCover articles and Rutgers will consider purchasing a site license for UnCover's Reveal, an SDI service. With a Reveal license all articles would be $10/article. SACCDM recommended getting a site license and proceeding with further study on document delivery with a joint-SAC committee. They also recommended finding a way to implement link-to-holdings for all databases.

4. Long Range Plan Report.

To begin a discussion on collection development goals for next year, Bob distributed three sections of the Long Range Plan: Goals and Activities for the Implementation of the Five Year Plan; Collection Development Principles; and Budget Requirements - Collections. The comparative statistics from the Budget Requirements were reviewed. There will be further discussion of goals and strategies for next year.

(Minutes were prepared by Ann Montanaro, Howard Dess, and Bob Sewell)

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