Minutes of November 21, 2013 Meeting

Eric Fizur, Jacqueline Hutton, Amber Judkins, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Grace McGarty, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Ramon Negron, Gill Newton, Joann Polgar, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Anthony Timek, Joyce Watson
Bill Bejarano, Zohreh Bonianian, Jan Reinhart


1) Text Messaging Subgroup Report

Grace and Gill reported on the progress made by the Text Messaging Subgroup in creating the enhancement of text message notifications for users.

2) Access Services Committee Notes

Gill, Grace, and Zohreh reported to ASC on the text message notifications work. The committee provided positive feedback. Chris Sterback said that we now have 2.8 million records in Sirsi; on 1/10/14 we will go live on a new server; from 1/10 /14 to 1/24/14 we will be testing system migration, looking for problems. Circ_sub list will move to access_services@rulmail list following the recommendation of Tracey Meyer. The new list will include all 105 Access Services staff. RUL Access and Authentication flowchart updates were presented by Chris. UBorrow has arrived; items circulate for 8 weeks with one 8-week renewal; there is no button in the catalog for UBorrow; our UBorrow records are in Sirsi as brief records; the other CIC schools put them in Illiad; that’s one reason why a button is not in the catalog.

3) Chemistry Project Report

Dean reported on the closing of the Chemistry Library and the steps taken to withdraw books and send others off for remediation. The Chemistry Library project has been completed. Three large dumpsters filled with moldy books have been taken away. There was an impressive effort by many staff to help complete the project. The remaining chemistry collection has been reduced significantly and has been sent to Rapid Refile for remediation.

4) Incident Reports

Twenty incidents were reported since the 9/26/13 group meeting, bringing the total for the year to 29.

Alexander Library (4)

Douglass Library (2)

Kilmer Library (13)

Math Library (1)

5) Information Sharing

Joyce W—Dana is adding new group study rooms with equipment that will enable students to create presentations. A security camera is being installed on the second floor to support safety.

Jacqueline H—The fire alarm system went off at Smith Library when a sensor malfunctioned and everyone evacuated properly. The front automatic door needed repairs and had to be secured by security personnel at closing.

Eric F—The construction end date for Robeson Library has been pushed back to March.

Ramon N—More walkthroughs are being performed at Douglass Library to provide security for users.

Mike M—Physics Library has become busier this semester as a study space between 1 pm and 5 pm. The return of mold is being reexamined.

Eddie S— Extended hours for the reading period and exam period are close to be being released. The coverage at LSM and the other New Brunswick Libraries will be similar to last spring’s.

Dean M—Student workers at the Annex are looking forward to Jan 1st when their pay rates—along with those of students in all the libraries-- go up to $8.25 per hour.

Joann P—Campus mail delivery of materials to and from Robert Wood Johnson is taking longer than everyone would like.

Gill N—Gill will be taking over Nita M’s former responsibilities for processing and managing the libraries’ delinquent accounts. Gill will be our primary contact with staff at the University’s Delinquent Accounts office. Many thanks go to Nita for her fine work in partnering with Judy Gardner and the Delinquent Accounts office to set up the original delinquent accounts workflow. As Judy stated in an Access Services announcement earlier in the day: “ Her (Nita’s) efficiency, attention to detail, and dedication made the process work, resulting in the recovery of numerous materials and replacement funds for the Libraries, with student records cleared in a fair and timely manner. Thank you Nita!”

Grace M—Kilmer Library has joined the Rutgers Bike Rental Program. Joe Asaro, Paul Young, and Barry will serve as liaisons with the Transportation Services department, handling the bike rentals and drop offs.

Barry L—Over a 3-week period, nine students studying at the Kilmer Library’s quiet study upper level carrels were victims of thefts. Five laptops were stolen (four Mac Book Pros), two iPhones, one iPad, and $400 was taken from a wallet. Descriptions of a suspect were given in three of the laptop thefts. RUPD has been responsive and has provided to staff a video photo of a suspect. RUPD and security have been visiting the library regularly. “POOF!” table tents have been placed in all 207 carrels on the upper level and at all tables throughout the building. Periodic PA announcements have been made. No thefts have occurred in the past 12 days. Last year, Kilmer Library had five thefts (only one laptop) for the entire year. We are waiting and hopeful that an arrest will be made soon. Kilmer Library’s exit count for October 2013 was 72,204, an all-time record for the library. On 11/18/14 attended an interesting session sponsored by IIS, “Protecting Patron Data: Privacy and Information Security in the Libraries.”

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