Minutes of July 23, 2014 Meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Eric Fizur, Jacqueline Hutton, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Grace McGarty, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Ramon Negron, Gillian Newton, Joann Polgar, Jan Reinhart, Jacquelyn Ridzy, Eddie Suarez, Anthony Timek, Joyce Watson
William Bejarano, Amber Judkins, Shirley Lewis, Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Brian Stubbs


1) Review of Annual Report

The group examined its FY2014 Annual Report, which contained the following highlights:

2) Activities for 2014-2015

Barry L reported on University of Chicago’s plans to be the first university to switch to Kuali OLE by the end of the July. The University of Chicago does not plan to use a backup system. Lehigh, a SirsiDynix library, is scheduled to start in August. Duke and Penn are scheduled to be the next to follow then Rutgers by the beginning of 2016. This was discussed in the context of choosing group activities to pursue. Plans now are for RUL to continue to run Symphony WorkFlows as a backup system for a year while transitioning to Kuali OLE. We are looking forward to seeing the Kuali OLE circulation system. It is expected that its early stages may be vanilla, not having many frills. So, it is reasonable to continue to find ways to tweak Symphony WorkFlows for circulation improvements that can be worked on with the expertise of Integrated Information Systems. Then, we will know what enhancements we would like to recommend for Kuali OLE.

The group will focus on the following three activities for FY2015:

3) Recap of Recent Announcements

The group reviewed the following recent RUL announcements:

4) Ivies+ 2014 Access Services Symposium at MIT Highlights

Barry L gave a brief summary of his trip to MIT with Rose Barbalace, Stephanie Mikitish, and L M. Miller on June 12th and 13th where they participated in the Ivies+ 2014 Access Services Symposium. Barry invited all to attend the brown bag to be held the following day to get more lively details about the symposium.

5) Incident Reports

Since the May 22nd CPSG meeting, there have been 10 incident reports filed, three of which have happened in the new fiscal year.

Alexander Library (2)

Chang Library (2)

Douglass Library (4)

Library of Science and Medicine (2)

6) Information Sharing

Jacqueline H—Smith’s basement cleanup project continues as does the book repair project. Serials are now being handled through DTS.

Joyce W—At Dana, work is being done on the new electronic classroom which will open next semester.

Eric F—Robeson has suffered more flooding. Construction on the second floor is now slated to be completed by the middle of August.

Eddie S—At LSM, online booking for group study rooms is being tested. The Student Coordinators Group has completed videos for student workers concerning behavior at the circulation desk.

Dean M—The Libraries Annex staff is working or summer time projects.

Anthony T—Shelving and shelf reading is being done at LSM. The electronic classroom has been out of service due to an unusual wind- tunnel effect.

Jan R—A big change is coming in Media Services: about 3,000 videos will become available for checkout to all users. Formerly the collection could circulate only to faculty and staff. Approximately 1,000 videos have been identified as ones frequently booked for classes; those videos will remain restricted for check out to faculty and staff only.

Gill N—There is a new Billing/Claims Return Contacts List located in the Contacts section of the Access Services web page. Gill will send out the link to all group members. Other Contacts lists are in the process of being updated by Michele Tokar.

Nita M—Nita volunteered to work with other staff and librarians on the Job Inventory Group of the Reorganization effort. A survey will go out to all librarians and staff regarding job functions.

Grace M—Kilmer Library’s Reference Desk is closed for the summer. Access Services staff are making referrals when needed. The building is still without hot water due to maintenance issues.

Jacquelyn R—Art Library’s large front window has been repaired. The Art Library, which hosts a lot of events, now has a Facebook page. A Lego play table is coming.

Joann P—New resident fellows started in July at Robert Wood Johnson.

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