Minutes of April 29, 2004 meeting

Ray Balter, May Chin, Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Michele Tokar(recorder), Will Torres, Dave Warner, Nicole Warren, Paul Young
Sal Cardinale


1. Systems Issues

2. Circulation Manual

The Circulation Manual was passed around for review by the CFG. The manual still requires some more editing. The manual will also be placed online as a web document. This is probably the best way to view and update the manual since there are constant upgrades to WorkFlows.

3. FAQ Page

Michele would like the group to offer more suggestions for the FAQ page. The group still agrees that an e-mail sent out every two weeks would be a good option.

4. RDS Web Document Delivery

Beginning June 1st, the Web Document Delivery Service will begin. All staff working at the circulation desk should be aware of the following:

5. Information Sharing

- Busy with book returns.
- The building is now wireless. New version of Ariel is causing complications.
- Grand opening is May 17th.
- Furniture repair is still on-going for the entire building.
- Working on a furniture move in the Access and ILS department in LSM. The building is now wireless.

Next Meeting - TBA (date will be changed due to graduation)

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