Minutes of September 16, 2004 meeting

May Chin, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Rita Post, Michele Tokar, Will Torres, Dave Warner, Penny Weniger, Paul Young
Ray Balter, Megan Doyle, Nicole Warren


The Group welcomed Rita Post as a new member of the CFG.

1. Brochures

Michele distributed the new list of recent brochures. This list can be found at the libraries webpage under www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/staff.html, Public Services, Reports, Active Publications List. Michele encouraged everyone to double check the brochures they had at their units and to make sure they were current.

2. Problem Barcode

The RU Connection office has distributed the same barcode to a number of patrons. When charging out material, make sure the ID, the person in front of you, and the name online all match. We want to avoid unecessary claims returns.

3. New Forms Online

There is an updated version of the manual charge form online now. This form now includes two lines for PALCI items. This is available under www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/staff.html, Access Services, Forms, Manual Book Charge Form. It is also available directly through the Access Services Website under "FORMS" or at this URL: nbl.rutgers.edu/nbl_access_services/FORMS/FORMS1.HTML.

4. Student Center Libraries Desk

This fall the libraries will be conducting an outreach program at both the CAC and Busch Student centers. The goals of this outreach program are to register patrons, distribute PINs, and give information regarding services the libraries provide such as remote access. All library staff are encouraged to partcipate as time permits.

5. Seamless Information: Douglass Library

Penny presented a seamless information session to the Librarians and Information Assistants at the Douglass Library. The session was presented in PowerPoint and handouts were provided. The session focused on how to log into WorkFlows and how to distribute PINs. Since the D21 project and the convergence of the Reference and Access/Collection Services public service desk, it is hoped that the two departments can work simultaneously to a degree in what has been termed a "seamless" manner.

6. Circulating M-Film Within RUL

Michele has completed the documentation for how to circulate M-film within RUL. The completed document is currently available under the LSM T-drive, Common, mtokar, in the folder CFG, "How to Circulate M-Film". This document will be loaded onto the NBL webpage.

7. Circulation Manual Online

The manual is being converted online. Although we will be migrating to the Beta system 2004, the manual could be adjusted to work with the new system.

8. Information Sharing

The library is very busy this time of year. RDS has almost 200 requests on some days. Priscilla and Rose have been organizing group orientations for their students. This has been a very effective way to train.

Reserves are extremely busy.
Penny presented a "Seamless Information Session" to the Reference Librarians and Information Assistants (Michele assisted with the development of the training manual and the presentation). This session focused on how to distribute PINs and basic circulation functions such as how to analyze the borrower's chart.

The department is very busy with Reserves.
Rita is enjoying her new job at the Kilmer Library.

The department is training about 10 new students. This year they are using a checklist to train students. This way, the reserves coordinator trains the student on reserves, and the RDS coordinator trains the student on RDS, and so on.
Phase 1 of the Special Collections Project is complete. Weeding is still ongoing.

Next Meeting - Thursday, October 21st

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