Minutes of February 17, 2005 meeting

Joe Asaro, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Rita Post, Michele Tokar(recorder), Dave Warner, Nicole Warren, Paul Young
May Chin, Chiaki Yamada


1. Mid-Year Report

Michele distributed copies of the CFG Mid-year Report to the group. The Mid-year Report covered membership during the fiscal year and documentation and projects that have been completed or are in process. Completed documentation are: How To Circulate M/Film and Fiches within RUL New Brunswick and Downtime Coordination. Other documents being worked on are: the Blue and White Library cards, RU Connection cards, and an evening directory.

The Circulation manual: How to navigate in WorkFlows is being transposed to a web document. Projects completed were a report run of RA cards in the system. Training has been ongoing within the group. Training has included a review of various functions at the circulation desk such as how to register a patron and removing an academic hold.

2. Purpose Statement

The group had made some changes to the purpose statement, but it was decided that the original version more accurately reflected the goals and intentions of the group. The group, however, would still like to incorporate a sentence regarding the importance of document creation, functional group interaction, and training.

3. Forms at the Circulation Desk

The group looked at all the forms available on the web that would be useful at the circulation desk. This was a good refresher. Some members of the group had never seen the deposit account forms used for web document delivery. Other forms that were unknown to the some members of the group were the Returned Book Receipt Form and the New Patron Registration form. The group noticed that some of the forms such as the Visiting Scholar and Surrogate form did not have a space for the e-mail address. Michele will let Judy know. It was also pointed out that on of the standard replies for AAL the barcode was written as 290300 instead of the usual 29030. Michele will let Natalie know.

4. Documents: Blue and White Library Cards, Evening and Weekend Referral Chart

Michele shared the Blue and White Library card document with the group and asked for some final suggestions. The group thought of a few users to add to the list of possible white or blue card recipients.

Dave Warner shared the Evening and Weekend Referral chart he is compiling. Dave organized the chart by specialty, i.e. RDS or Reserves. The group decided that this would be a better way to organize the chart as opposed to unit.

5. Other

The group discussed the new remote Access and decided that it was running very smoothly. A few members of the group had tested this from home.

The group discussed how the claims return process was done at all the units. The Alexander library uses the claims return form because of the size of their operation whereas other units do not.

At LSM and Alex there are some serials and LC PERs that are shelved with call numbers within the circulating collection. This still leads to come confusion between patrons and staff since some of the items are still not marked non-circulating. The group was wondering if there was a way to label the spine of the item?

Michele reminded the group to be careful when discharging items at the desk; make sure the item is on hold for their library and not in transit.

6. Information Sharing

Reserves have slowed down significantly.
Will Torres resigned. Priscilla is helping with RDS.
Paul has weeded two series DOC Law US in Alex Gov Docs.


Reserves have slowed down.

Ines Gessner resigned from the libraries.
LSM has been funded additional money to fix some more chairs in the building.

Next Meeting - March 17th, Location TBA

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