Minutes of March 17, 2005 meeting

Joe Asaro, May Chin, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Rita Post, Michele Tokar(recorder), Dave Warner, Chiaki Yamada, Paul Young
Nicole Warren


1. Circulation Desk Schedules

Upon request, the CFG is compiling a list of the exact hours each NBL unit's Circ desk is open. The hours should reflect the actual hours that circ desk provides public service and not the hours that the building is open. This document will be posted on the NBL website alongside the Reference desk hours. The CFG is using the same template that the Reference desk hours are posted on. Paul Young is working on this project.

2. Evening/Weekend Staff Referral Chart

The CFG is working on a web-based chart that will provide a list of all NBL staff that work evening and/or weekend hours. This chart will be organized by Functional group participation so that each staff member can be called upon by each other or student workers during the evening or weekend for their expertise.

The Chart will also contain key words along with the functional group header such as incident reports, fines, and patron registration to help with deciding who to call upon for help. Dave Warner is working on this chart.

3. Database for Library Notification

The CFG will compile a web-based document of all types of notices sent out, why the notice is generated, and a sample of the actual notice. Michele received a list of all notice types from the systems department and has received some sample notices from the systems department. As soon as all of these are received, the group will start work on this project. Marc Forster will work on this with help from Joe Asaro.

4. Welcome Notebook for Full Time Staff

Michele and Rose Barbalace are putting together a Welcome Notebook for new staff members of the Access/Collection Services Department. The notebook will contain a variety of information regarding Library Policy, an explanation of Functional Groups, and information about where to eat and the recreation services on campus. The CFG group offered some suggestions for the notebook; they thought it would be helpful to include a directory of commonly used resources such as the borrower's chart and the library hours webpage. The group also thought an organizational chart of the libraries would be useful.

5. Workflows Upgrade

The WorkFlows upgrade did not affect many functions in Workflows procedures. There was one notable glitch with billing. The billing window from one user is being transferred from one user to another. Althought the records or bills are not actually transferring, they appear to be which is confusing to staff.

6. Training and Review: New Billing Procedures: Long Overdues and Review of 40 Days Overdue Recalls

The group reviewed the two new billing procedures. Using the examples Judy Gardner sent in her e-mail regarding the Long Overdues, the group went through all the examples together at a computer workstation. Priscilla Lee provided an example of a 40 day overdue recall and showed the group what this would look like online.

7. Information Sharing

They are creating another exit in the McDonnell Room.

The Shift is taking place in the East Room.
There is a new Art Exhibit.
Reserves have slowed down.

The text book thief was caught.
Very quiet in the library.

The Special Collections Project is nearly complete.
Reserves have slowed down.
The chairs are still being reupholstered.

Next Meeting - TBA

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