Minutes of October 20, 2005 meeting

Marc Forster, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton, Matt Spaventa, Michele Tokar(recorder), Dave Warner, Joyce Watson, Adam Wolfson, Paul Young
Katie Anderson, May Chin
Priscilla Lee, Holly Muller


1. Welcome New Members and Guests

The CFG welcomed Adam Wolfson and Joyce Watson as new members of the group.

Joyce who works at the Dana library, will be joining the group in person this semester since she has a class in New Brunswick on the day and time of the meeting.

Holly Muller from LSM and Priscilla Lee from Kilmer were guests at this months meeting.

2. Purpose Statement and Group name

The group reviewed the name choices and purpose statement samples written by group members.

Some examples of names the group came up with were: Circulation Team, Circulation Group, Circulation Procedures and Training Council, Circulation Training and Development Committee, and Circulation Committee.

In general the group liked a short and succinct purpose statement.

The group will send these examples to Judy Gardner for her review.

3. Name Tags

The group looked at samples of name tags Katie had mailed to Michele. The group discussed how their name would appear on the tag. Most group members only wanted a first name. Some members of the group wanted to know if they could wear a tag that just said "Library Staff." These ideas will be discussed further.

4. Compare and Review of the NBL website and the Libraries website

Dave Warner and Marc Forster reviewed both the websites and determined that it would be best to merge all Access Services training, information and forms onto the NBL site. Dave Warner and Marc Forster wrote up a brief document detailing this information. Marc said he could work on the NBL site to make these changes once they were agreed upon.

5. Systems issues: Sirsi upgrades timetable, Enhancements, Web Forum

The new Sirsi upgrade: GL3.0 is coming. The test system will be available in early November, and the live system will be available around Spring Break.

Michele reminded the Circ group to look under staff resources to find the link for Sirsi and the posted enhancements for the upgrade.

6. Customer Service Training

The group talked briefly about customer service training. The group talked about how important body language is in addition to verbal expression.

Some suggestions for good and open body language were to look up, smile, and make eye contact. The group said that it is important to remember this and pay attention to the customer service you receive outside of work.

7. Information Sharing

Alex - There are many leaks on the third floor. The police came to break up an altercation near the first floor atrium. They had a dedication for the new furniture. Meghan Lord is now working with RDS at Alex.

Chang - The power went out during the rain. They are doing an inventory of the collection and a shift of the bound periodicals.

Chemistry - Mike is working on a project to transfer Chem Abstracts to the Annex.

Douglass - There is a new art exhibit. They are preparing to shift 2/3rds of the collection.

Gov Docs: Alex and LSM - There have a been a lot of Gov Doc requests at Alex. Re-doing the stack guides for LSM.

Kilmer - The elevator flooded and did not work for a few days. The building alarm went off. The open line is still vacant

LSM - The LA II position will be filled soon. The book sale is doing well. The weeding project continues and the shift of the third floor periodicals continues.

Next meeting Thursday November 17 at the Kilmer Library.

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