Minutes of September 20, 2007 meeting

Michele Tokar, Marc Forster (minutes), Kevin Conover, Krista Dandurand, Mike Mansouri, Shawn Moriarity, Adam Wolfson, Dean Meister, Paul Young, Ray Balter, Joyce Watson, Sandy Marsh.
Meghan Lord, Christine Duffy, Gillian Newton, Daphne Roberts, Chaiki Mills


Information Sharing

Camden - The Computer Remodeling project is making excellent progress. The new library computer center is busier than ever.

Annex - Personnel are very busy training students, processing materials, and working on projects. Dean is testing the new Claims Returned reports in the test system. There is a dearth of FWS students at the Annex this year.

Chang - Reserves and the new free article delivery service are keeping staff very busy. There is a dearth of FWS students at Chang this year.

Kilmer - Shawn is working nights while Georgina is recovering. Kim Kaiser, the new hire at Kilmer is now there full time after her training. There is a dearth of FWS students at Kilmer this year.

Chemistry and Physics - The shift at Chemistry is near completion. Reserves and the new free article delivery service are keeping staff very busy. There is a dearth of FWS students at the Chemistry and Physics this year.

ILS - Since Dave Travis has left ILS, Krista Dandurand has assumed more responsibilities. She is helping out at the Alexander ILS office as needed.

Douglass - It is very busy at Douglass. May Chin (Reserves Processing) is retiring after many years of dedicated service. Nita Mukherjee is devoting two days each week to new developments in billing.

Gov. Docs. - There is a large increase in the number of items coming through DTS.

LSM - One result of the proposed shifting project will be additional space gained by moving the temp shelves to the third floor. Caroline Caviness (SCILS Intern) is working at LSM. She will be actively involved in the shifting project, and working at the front desk. There are a lot of article delivery requests at LSM.

Dana - New computers are being installed at the Circulation desk in preparation for installation of the J client.

New ID/RU Connection cards

New ID/RU Connection cards will be issued to current Faculty and Staff later this year and into 2008. Newly hired employees will receive the card when they are hired. We expect to see a sample of the card within the next few weeks. The group noticed problems with excessive barcode wear on student IDs. Michele will follow up with the RU Connection office.

Graduate Students loaded as Undergraduates

Graduate students are getting loaded as undergraduates. If a graduate student registered late, a temporary flaw in the system results in their being assigned an undergraduate status. This anomaly will be fixed by September 24, 2007, but the fix will not appear in Workflows until some time in October.

Circulation Web page suggestions:


SAKAI - There have been sporadic reports of problems with SAKAI delivering E-mail messages.

Kiosks - Additional help is needed to staff the kiosks. The addition of an Ipod raffle prize may result in more interest in the kiosks.

RA cards - A project involving an online RA Card application was discussed. The absence of an actual signature was seen as a problem. Requiring Net ID login might solve this problem.

Report from Dean - Dean said they are still running reports behind the scenes to work with automating claims returns. At present there are no changes to report.


Next Meeting October 18th. Location is to be announced.

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