Minutes of October 25, 2007 meeting

Raymond Balter, Krista Dandurand, Christine Duffy, Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Sondra Marsh, Chiaki Mills (minutes), Shawn Moriarty, Michele Tokar, Joyce Watson, Adam Wolfson, Paul Young
Kevin Conover, Marc Forster, Dean Meister, Gillian Newton
Eugene McElroy


1. Announcements

The problem with certain GRAD student records loading into Workflows as UGRADS has been fixed. This seems to have occurred to graduate students who registered late for classes.

There are a large number of duplicate users in WorkFlows. This is in part due to Graduate Students working as teaching assistants; they are loaded in as a student and as Faculty Staff. This also happens when a student graduates from the University and then begins to work for the University. Bob Warwick will prepare a report of duplicate user records to be merged.. Systems created a large report last month that contained over 1300 duplicate records. Bob is going to try and reduce that number before distributing the list to Michele. Several staff members will work on the list with Michele. Michele asked everyone to be careful when registering users. Always try to search by name and student ID, or e-mail. Make sure to try the browse function as well.

Michele reminded everyone to register Visiting Scholars as faculty/staff. Do not register them as Guest Users. Registering them as guest users will not allow them to log on to the proxy to gain remote access. Staff should follow instructions on the borrower’s chart, which clearly states to register visiting scholars as FACSTF in profile and Visiting Scholar in Demographics. As well, staff should be made aware that visiting scholars are unable to log onto the proxy with their rci account. Visiting Scholars need to log in with their barcode and PIN to get remote access. Visiting Scholars need an RU Connection card to register with the libraries. There is a form on the RU Connection card website.

Some patrons are having trouble logging into ILIAD to request materials. The Systems department continues to work to resolve these problems. Please pass these problems on to a Supervisor, so they can be forwarded to Systems. You can forward these on to Michele as well. Michele has been getting a lot of questions through Ask a Librarian.

2. Alumni registration

At the last Access Services Committee meeting a decision was made to keep recent graduates in Workflows as UGRAD/GRAD until their record changes to an ALUMNI status with the alumni data load sometime in September. Students can continue to use their RU Connection cards to check out books until they roll over to Alumni in the fall. At that time staff can issue the alumni a new guest library card. Michele said it is possible to make changes to the address fields during the summer months following graduation, but the address may revert back when it loads in once as Alumni in the fall. Make sure to let the patron know this and update the address accordingly.

3. Access Services Policy Memo 3

Revisions were made to PSPM 3 after an incident occurred at Alexander Library where law enforcement officials needed to confiscate a computer, which was being used by a patron to watch child pornography. Michele reminded everyone that users are allowed to watch pornography as long as it’s not child pornography, which is illegal. If a user observes someone watching adult pornography, legally we are not allowed to ask that person to move to another location.

4. Delinquent accounts letters

Judy and Nita have sent out 52 letters to ALUMNI users who have LONGOVD items. Be prepared to see some of these patrons at the circulation desk.

5. Expiration dates

The Access Services Committee is working on a proposal to shorten user expiration dates Students currently have an expiration date of November of each year, while as faculty/staff records expire in December of each year. The proposal recommends UGRAD records expire every eight weeks and GRAD/FACSTF records expire twice a year at the end of each semester. The proposed changes will not affect patron renewals.

6. RU Connection cards

Michele passed around templates of all the different types of RU Connection cards that are being issued. Michele will scan the template cards and email them to the group.

7. RA forms online

Michele passed around a draft version of the online Research Assistant form. She would like it to work similarly to the online Reserve Request form, which faculty members fill out to place materials on reserve. There were some concerns about the possibility of an RA filing out the form without the faculty members permission. However, this is unlikely to happen because RA cards are mailed to the faculty member, not the RA. Michele will speak with Judy about the possibility of some type of faculty-restricted net ID access to the form.

8. Information Sharing

Shawn and Adam are leaving RU and moving to Washington state. The group wished them the best in their future endeavors.

Camden – Renovations are underway and shifting is in progress. Busy training new student workers. Katie is out on maternity leave; Teri is her backup.

Kilmer - Nothing new to report.

Dana – Finally got J Client. Busy training new student workers. The marketing kiosk desk has been busy.

ILL-LSM – Krista reported that the company that does deliveries for part of ILL has done some restructuring so the deliveryman has been M.I.A. for the past few days.

LSM – Shifting is in progress. They are getting a lot of article requests. Paul worked on reorganizing the New Jersey topographical maps with librarian, Ellen Calhoun.

Alex – Busy as usual.

Chang – Patron numbers are up.

Chemistry – Some books were withdrawn from the collection, which resulted in a shift.

SMLR – Nothing new to report.

Douglass – May retired at the beginning of October. Information assistant, Andrea Simzak was recently appointed to serve on the New Jersey State Library’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on the future.

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