Minutes of February 21, 2008 meeting

Ray Balter, Kevin Conover, Krista Dandurand (recorder), Christine Duffy, Marc Forster, Jennifer Holland, Jillian Locasio, Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Sandy Marsh, Dean Meister, Steph Mikitish, Daphne Roberts, Michele Toka, Paul Young
Judy Gardner


Circ on the Fly

Judy Gardner describes the new circ-on-the-fly instructions, and asks for volunteers to test them. Currently, most circ-on-the-fly is done at Alex with government documents. Stephanie, Paul, Meghan and Ray will test the new instructions.

Patron File

The new expirations dates in patron records have not been causing any problems yet. The next step in this process will be to expire records which are no longer loading.

Several demographic statuses which are no longer used have been identified. Judy hopes to have these statuses eliminated to prevent confusion when creating records. The borrowers chart will also be updated.

Registering New Users

When creating new user records, many library staff have found that there are too many options at the bottom of the screen, which can lead to accidentally clicking the wrong button. This is compounded by the fact that the correct option is to the left of the screen, and many of us instinctively click to the right when completing online forms. Michele reminds us to be sure we are clicking "register user", and not "register another user".

Address 1 and Address 1

When school is in session, address 1 is the default. Address 2 is the default for intersession and Summer. It is important to fill out both address sections, even if the patron only has one address. If one of the address sections is left blank, the patron will be unreachable for a portion of the year, and will not receive recalls, hold notices, etc.

Graduate Students Loading As Graduates

In the beginning of the semester, many graduate students were loading into workflows with an undergraduate status. This is because the default status for anyone registering late is undergraduate. Unfortunately, it could take up to 1.5 months for the tape loads to correct this, so we will need to put pub notes into the records in the meantime to ensure that these users get the correct loan periods.

Research Assistant Form

Research assistant form is now available online under the "faculty services" section of the library's web page. The paper form will no longer be available. Faculty should not print out the online version of the form. When electronic applications are filled out, they will go directly to an email account monitored by staff. The staff monitoring this account will make every effort to have cards mailed out within 24 hours. Completed cards will be mailed directly to the professor. Michele will write up a paragraph outlining the privileges and restrictions of using an R.A. card. Anyone who inquires about getting a card that does not fit the conditions of use should be referred to Judy.

Checking Out Materials to an Undergraduate Scholar

Undergraduate honors students (i.e. Henry Rutgers Scholars) are loaded into the system as undergraduates, though their status will now say "honors". These users should get a term loan, which will need to be manually charged. Directions for these procedures are available under the circulation page under staff resources.

Checking Out Accompanying Materials When an Item is Missing

An alert should come up at checkout when charging an item that has more than one piece. Verify the number of pieces and enter the override code to check out. If items are missing at the time of checkout, stamp with "damaged on charge" and make a note in the book as to what is missing. At the time of the meeting, is was undecided as to whether or not the record should be updated in workflows upon checkout to make note of the missing items. This will be discussed with the Collection Management Coordinator and at the Access Services Committee meeting.

Diversity Education Program

Michele encourages group members to take advantage of the diversity education programs offered in the upcoming weeks.

Mid Year Report

The mid-year report based on strategic goals is now complete.

Information Sharing

Paul - Alex / LSM: Paul is working on re-labeling and shifting the microfiche at LSM

Sandy-Camden: There is some shifting going on. The computer lab has been moved, and is always busy. There have been problems with people using computers all day. A new lounge area has been set up where the computer lab used to be.

Dean- Annex: Maria-Liza Kostic, began work on Monday. New Security cameras with motion sensors have been installed around the building.

Ray- Douglass: Chiaki has been filling in at Chang since Rae Wong left. The new multimedia center opened recently at the Douglass Library.

Mike- Physics / Chemistry: A "New Books" shelf has been created, so that users can easily access recent additions to the collection. The Physics Library has a new lighted exit sign.

Kevin- LSM: Reserves are slowing down considerably, and the pace has picked on on the second floor shift.

Jill- Kilmer / Media: Still training, and has no new information to share at this time.

Daphne- Media / Kilmer: Media has been short staffed since Jennifer is still on maternity leave.

Michele- LSM: Security cameras have been installed in the LSM parking lot.

Jennifer- Chang: Reports that she has started her regular shift of closing the library. Says that students have also been very patient in this time of staff turnover.

Meghan- Alex: Article delivery has been very busy, though there are some days when Alex receives no requests at all.

Stephanie- Alex: Opened the library on her own for the first time last week.

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