Minutes of April 12, 2000 meeting

M. Brodman, I. Gessner, M. Herod(recorder), M. Katz, C. Lee, A. Martinez, M. Spaventa, J. Teichmann, P. Weniger



M. Katz of LSM Collection Management was welcomed as a new member of the group.

Kathleen Kammerer has accepted the position of Student Coordinator at Alexander Library and is no longer with the group.

Ines Gessner has accepted the LSM night supervisor position but will remain a member of the group until further notice.


Weniger reviewed the plans for compact shelving at the Chemistry Library tentatively scheduled for the last two weeks in August, 2000. Weniger, Teichmann and Mary Gadek, Chemistry's Branch Manager met with Stewart Fife from Library Interiors. Weniger reported everything looks good. Some enhancing needs to be done including painting the end panels. Teichmann indicated that there will be two main units of compact shelving at Chemistry. Weniger mentioned that group members should become familiar with collection measuring, the next step of the Chemistry project. She will send out copies of standardized collection measuring procedures taken from "Stack Management: A Practical Guide to Shelving and Maintaining ibrary Collections" by Hubbard for each group member to review. The group will have some hands-on training when the group measures the collection at Chemistry. This will be discussed at a future meeting. A question was raised on how the books would be stored while installing the compact shelving. One suggestion is to store them on trucks. The group discussed the limited options due to the lack of physical space available at Chemistry. Lee suggested sending more of the journals to the Annex. There is still space available. Assistance would be needed in cataloging. Teichmann suggested the need for equipment at each unit for shifting purposes. The "giant" book truck that Alexander has was offered as a ideal example of the type of equipment needed on site at each unit. Discussion ensued on how-to obtain such equipment as Alexander's "giant" book truck was built by Henry Charles.


The example of the Preservation Book Mark submitted by Martinez was reviewed. The group's assignment is to review and condense the important information on the back page and come up with some good options for the front for the next meeting. After modifications are completed, it will be sent to NB Access Services Coordinators for approval.


Teichmann distributed copies of the proposals for shifting bound periodicals and reference collections at LSM with a targeted completion date of June 15, 2000. Weniger suggested that the growth size should be included when measuring the shelf space. Teichmann requested a brief group meeting at LSM to obtain the input on these shifts. The group will meet at LSM on April 26, 2:00. He is also looking for voucher help on this project and sent email regarding hiring for this project.


Brodman - Completed reference shift at Douglass during spring break. Working on shelf reading of Level 2A before starting measuring in anticipation of shifting that floor.

Lee - Meeting the construction project manager regarding the Annex redesign. The history project will be done in three weeks. Working on the bookmark of preservation do's and don'ts. Lee passed out some samples.

Teichmann - Working on missing books procedures with biographers. Noted the hand-out for locating books at Alexander library and suggested that the group compile a standardized hand-out customized for each library unit. It was decided that this is a good future group project.

Gessner - Information was already presented by J. Teichmann regarding the shift at LSM.

Herod - Chemistry library been busy with patrons needing assistance in completing research papers and studying for exams.

Martinez - Discussed the status of enlarging the Folio section at Math library. M. Brodman is sending samples of Folio shelving to see which type fits Maths shelving. After this is determined, 6 additional folio shelves will be added at Math. Continuing work of barcoding bound journals - an ongoing project.

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