Minutes of May 17, 2000 meeting

M. Brodman, M. Herod, A. Martinez, M. Spaventa(recorder), J. Teichmann, P. Weniger
M. Katz, C. Lee


Chemistry library compact shelving project is still on target. Necessary funding is being solidified. Penny expressed her desire for the group to begin measuring the collection in anticipation of the project. Jeff offered to lend some of the student workers hired for the LSM shifts to assist in measuring the collection, time and circumstances permitting.


The group discussed possible revisions to the proposed collection preservation bookmark. Andy volunteered to work on revising the final draft of the bookmark and will present to the group for approval at the next meeting. The final draft will be presented to NBAS Coordinators for their approval and to move up.

Penny asked the members of the group to fill out a group assessment survey to determine the effectiveness of the group. Group members will complete the assessment and mail the surveys to Andy for compliation. Futher discussion will ensue at the next meeting on the overall assessment, reviewing areas of competence as well as any areas where improvement may be necessary. A "food for thought" self-assessment tool was also distributed for each members personal review.

Group members asked if it were possible to be notified when large amounts of collections will be added or removed from each unit. Again the group concluded that a collegial working environment with collection development librarians was desirable. As managers of the collections, we need to know how much space will become available or will be needed in order to carry out our charge. The group is considering ways to promote this environment, perhaps via a memo. The topic will be a future agenda item.

Round Robin

Matt- Douglass needs a shelf to replace a damaged one in the Art room. Also, the Art room will go through a minor shift prior to June.

Andy- Math's staff are continuing barcoding bound journals and have come across some that are cataloged as belonging to Annex. They are still waiting for folio shelving.

Marilyn- No further termite sightings.

Jeff- LSM has kept pace with heavy returns thanks to community service hours. The collections in Periodicals and Reference have been measured and the shifts started this week. There have been 8-10 workers helping with the shifts and doing necessary re-labeling in reference. No shelf reading was able to be completed at LSM for the spring semester due to non return of FWS students.

Mary- Alex is busy shelving and getting ready to measure 2A for a shift this summer. Alex's spring book returns are nearly all shelved. Mary also spoke about weeding Alex's bound periodicals.

The meeting adjourned after a walk through of the LSM shifts.

Penny Weniger, Coordinator

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