Minutes of June 13, 2001 meeting

M. Herod, D. Bush, R. Krack, M. Spaventa, C. Lee, M. Brodman, P. Weniger(recorder), M. Katz, S. Peck, A. Martinez
R. Smith, N. Warren, E. Yourstone



Michele Tokar has accepted the position of Supervisor I at LSM. Continuing through mid-summer, P. Weniger will continue to divide her time between Douglass and LSM until Michele's orientation is complete.

Penny welcomed Shirley Peck to the group.

A brief discussion ensued regarding CMFG statistics gathering, most particularly in relation to the preparation of the Annual Report. The value of information derived from usage studies was brought forward. Christopher Lee volunteered to ask Dean Meister, a NBAS representative, with Reports permissions to run a related report. Chris will review the report and see if there is any potential value for the group to have this information.


Workshop attendees included Dairl Bush, Rob Krack, Christopher Lee, Mary Brodman, Andy Martinez and Penny Weniger. Each gave a brief overview of their impressions of the workshop. Attendees felt the workshop was a good learning experience and hope to attend more workshops related to Preservation issues. It was agreed that an area for the group to turn its attention would be at Level 1 treatment. This aspect involves taking preventive methods to safe guard the collections against mold, vermin infestations, temperature and humidity damage, etc. Actively supporting RUL's food/drink policy would be one initial step. Penny will copy and distribute to the group, the various workshop handouts and technical leaflets, for each members review and to prepare for future discussions.


The group briefly discussed the recent In-Transit report and expressed concern over the way the information appeared on the report. It was felt that the report was difficult to handle due to the volume and as the items were not in call number order or unit-by-unit format. However, it was agreed that the volume should diminish in subsequent reports. The aspect of the Reports feature was discussed and the possibility of the CMFG running our own In-Transit reports. The group discussed the possibility of requesting Dean to run the report for us, however, a final decision was not reached at this time, but the group will re-visit this aspect. Jeff Teichmann contacted Penny regarding the "What's in Transit" icon on the toolbar and the option to "Print Items in Transit". This option gives a list of titles, call numbers, and where/when discharged for every item in transit TO a respective library. However, by using this function we would lose the list of items In-Transit FROM our library to other libraries. This is believed to be a MAJOR source of the items we do find on the stacks when searching In-Transit. The list also does not give a listing in call number order. The group will continue discussion on the issue at future meetings.


Discussion ensured regarding the drafted Table of Contents. It was decided that a few additional items would be added to the preliminary list and includes a glossary of relevant collection management terms with explanations and definitions and a list of subject selectors. The first content item to be reviewed will be the LC Classification System. Andy mentioned that there is a web-site at the Library of Congress that defines the system very well. The group will review. Additionally, at our next meeting group members will take a call number test in order to analyze our knowledge and to review the present tests that various units' are using for consideration of inclusion in the manual.


The following schedule was decided upon for site tours:


R. Krack - The shift measurements for level 3 are completed and shifting has commenced. The column to record IN-PROCESS statistics will become effective July 1. Please begin recording these statistics at that time. Enid Yourstone will be out for a time this summer. In her absence, he will take over Alexander's Government Documents collection, aided by Laura Schacter, the document shelver. Rob and/or Laura will also go to LSM, as necessary, to care for the document collection.

M. Brodman - When back shifting on level 3, more History books have been discovered. They are being reviewed and may be added to the History project. Training Shirley Peck on Alexander's CM practices. Shelf-reading. A. Martinez - Has completed the Bound Pers re-con project through I's and staring on J's. He will measure for an anticipated shift and then commence with the shift.

M. Herod - The shifting of Journals has created space in that collection. Circulating collections are getting pretty tight.

M. Katz - Working on the In-Transit list.

D. Bush - Noted the difference in the amount of work during the summer. Also working on In-Transit searching.

M. Spaventa - Working on the In-Transit list. Collection Services staff have been in the building working on transferring about 240 volumes to Chang.

C. Lee - Waiting for construction to start at the Annex. He's working at Alex in the interim and Annex for RRS. Incorporated approximately 80,000 vols. From the back bay into the rest of collection. Upon his return to the Annex after the renovation project, he anticipates that a major shelf-reading project will be needed.

S. Peck - Is learning Alexander's CM processes and impressed with the organization of these processes.

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