Minutes of December 12, 2001 meeting

M. Herod, R. Krack, M. Spaventa, M. Brodman, A. Martinez, P. Weniger, E. Yourstone C. Lee, D. Bush, S. Peck, N. Reichardt, A. Ortiz
R. Smith, M. Katz


M. Brodman: Alex is very busy with in-coming book returns. Two special projects going on are the History Project involving pulling related books off the shelves and sending them to bindery. The second project is flagging duplicate copies of the Z collection and sending them to Myoung Wilson to be withdrawn. Most of this collection has been flagged (putting books on their sides while shelf reading the collection made it easier to flag). Finished shelf reading Level 2A.

R. Krack: Really busy with lots of returns. Working on the History project. Made some maps for the South wing. E. Suarez is working on a web based version of the power point training program. There is a project in the Z's; planning on re-shelving the McDonnell room over break and work on shelving fall book returns.

S. Peck: Books are coming in like crazy at Alex; trucks are being loaded and unloaded as quickly as possible. Missing books is under control; very few missing forms at circ desk which means that the items are findable. A few extra stax checks from other units as this is the season for "claims returned".

A. Martinez: It's busy at Math; full of students studying for exams. Book returns are not that bad.

M. Spaventa: Returns are busy but manageable. The recon and weeding projects are still ongoing. Some small sections were in need of special shelf-reading attention and are now in much better shape.

A. Ortiz: discarded all of the old newspapers that were rotated, as well as the periodicals that were replaced. packed up books with Iris maint. problems and sent them to Alex Coll. Serv. There were also some boxes for discard, for our book sale and some were for changing from Ref. to Stack. Still working with the call number order on shelf ranges.

N. Reichardt: Enid and I are going to start some projects during the month of January. and include moving the fiche cabinets in the Gov. Doc Ref. section at Alex, so that they are in an area with better light. We are also going to organize the Gov. Doc maps at both Alex and LSM.

E. Yourstone: Working on making the New Jersey Bills more presentable on the shelves. Also shelf reading a bit. Nick and I are planning some film shift projects during the winter break.

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