Minutes of June 12, 2002 meeting

D. Bush, M. Gadek, M. Herod, M. Katz, R, Krack, C. Lee, A. Martinez, S. Peck, M. Spaventa, and J. Teichmann.
M. Brodman (SL), E. McElroy, A. Ortiz, and N. Reichardt (SL)

Jeff Teichmann called the meeting to order at 1:00 P.M.


Megan Ingegno was introduced. Megan has taken on CM responsibilities at LSM and was 'visiting' the meeting. (Megan has been officially added to the group)

Jeff reported on a small water emergency encountered in BB (lower basement) at Alex the previous week. Gov't Documents stored in boxes were damaged when water leaked out of the HVAC system. The group discussed the situation and recommended any materials stored should be kept up off the floor, perhaps on pallets. Jeff will inquire with Imaging Services to see if pallets are available.

Old Business

CS User status check

CM FG manual

New Business

July 2002 meeting - Penny has invited the CMFG to tour the RECAP facility in Princeton. The date for the trip is July 24, 2002. (Billing FG and CMFG are switching meeting days for July)

Collection Management FG Roster was distributed member of the group for necessary additions and corrections. R. Smith and M. Katz made changes to their email addresses.

Copies of the draft of the Annual Report were distributed. The report was briefly discussed and the group was asked to forward any further comments to Mary and Jeff.

CM Statistics were discussed. With the Annual Report, yearly statistics are reported and it seems not all units are reporting the same statistics on a timely basis despite the effort placed on statistics collection by this group two years ago. Jeff and Matt will work on getting statistics collection back on track. Jeff will poll the units to determine what statistics are collected and Matt will produce worksheets where the statistics can be reported and compiled on an ongoing basis.

Open house 6/26 - The group discussed the upcoming Access Services Open House Program on June 26th. Andy is representing the group in the presentation portion of the program. The group discussed what materials to use in the 'booth' portion of the program. Rob will gather the materials and will use his workstation to set up our display.

Year-end missing book reports and lost/paid/replaced reports should be coming soon. Dean Meister is still in the process of getting information needed to produce the In-transit report and supply the group with instructions to complete this project. Jeff and Mary will meet with Dean to determine what is necessary to get these reports rolling on schedule.

Mary and Jeff did an on-site tour of the renovations to the Annex. They found the new shelving to be unsafe. New shelves were beginning to bow after just a day after books had been placed on them. Nuts and bolts were not secured properly and could easily be turned with the touch of a toe. Recommendations were to have the installers back to make necessary adjustments to ensure the safety of personnel. (Note - all nuts and bolts were tightened. Stress tests were performed on the shelving to determine why they were bowing. The shelving failed the stress tests and will be replaced.)

Information Sharing

Action Items (to be completed or reported on for next meeting)

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