Minutes of December 10, 2003 meeting

Ian Bogus, Marie Brodman, Stacy Dematteo, Mary Gadek, Megan Ingegno, Marty Katz, Rob Krack, Andy Martinez, Eugene McElroy, Shirley Peck, Nick Reichardt(recorder), Matt Spaventa, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Melody Tomaszewicz, Don Wilson
Megan Doyle, Roger Smith, Jeff Teichmann, Nicole Warren



- Zohreh Bonianian will now be in charge of the Building Security & Maintenance Fuctional Group, replacing Rose Barbalace.

- Status of Special Projects (LSM Special Collections & LSM Second Floor):

It was agreed that both shifting projects at LSM should be started after the holiday break. Group members will sign-up for the time that they are available to help, and will be trained on-site to learn how to create records for Special Collections books. Some of these books will go to the Annex, while others will go to Special Collections at Alexander Library. The weeding process is moving along slowly at LSM on the second floor, so hopefully selectors will be encouraged to keep at it for as long as it takes to complete the process. Both of the shifts at LSM are the main priority for the group.


A handout for weeding guidelines was distributed to the group. It was the consensus Of the group that based on what we read in the handout, it is the bibliographers responsibility to decide which books need to be weeded.


The idea for the “RU coffee mug” has gone to the Public Services Counsel for Review.


Eugene- all is quiet.

Brian- Alexander is getting busy with book returns, and fines.

Stacy- A few transfers came in, working on the Recon project.

Don- Lot’s of returns, periodical weeding.

Melody- Gov. Docs Microfilm getting barcoded (boundwith).

Shirley- Finding books from the Missing and In-Transit lists.

Marie- Very busy shelving, Claims Returned books are being found.

Rob- Going to LSM, Art, and Alex (weeding in Ref. Close to complete).

Andy- Stacks inventory, busy withdrawing and transferring items.

Nick- Shifting LSM Doc Section, and International section.

Matt- Measured DGLSS bound periodical growth 160 inches per year.

Ian- Busy with the missing pages project, some problems.

Megan- Some December coverage issues, all else is well.


January 14, 2004, 2:30-4:30, SMLR, room to be announced.

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