Minutes of September 14, 2005 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator, Recorder), Edward Suarez, Shirley Peck, Robert Krack, Mary Brodman, Penny Weniger, Matt Spaventa, Martin Katz, Paul Young, Megan Ingegno, Krista Dandurand, Holly Muller, Roselyn Riley, Melody Tomaszewicz, Brian Stubbs
Melanie Robinson, Jeff Teichmann, Irina Loutchkina, Roselyn Riley
Judy Gardner




Eddie/LSM: Eddie is planning a mini shift of the Bound Periodical collection on the third floor. An estimated 10-range shift will take place to create much needed space in the E through I periodicals.

Shirley/Alex: Shirley is working on processing the latest missing lists and in-transit reports. She also reported that the missing list statistics for Alexander have been revised to include information on the owning library of found items.

Rob/Alex: Rob completed work on incorporating the reference items previously stored on the Index Tables back into the Reference Collection. Some of the now empty table will be used as study space. A reduction in the amount of sorting shelves for the Reference Collection was completed for aesthetic reasons.

Mary/Alex: Mary reported on the progress of a mini shift of the Stacks Collection on the third floor. Staff are shifting from PR through PS to make space. She also reported that Library Interiors would be installing shelving now stored in the BB level in another location in Alexander.

Penny/Douglass: Penny reported that Library Interiors visited the library to investigate replacing shelving lost from a previous shift of shelving.

Brian/Alex: Brian reported on a possible shift of the Reference Collection now that the index table items have been incorporated back into the collection. Brian will also monitor the plastic wrap left in place on the third floor (by constant water leaks) now that the air conditioning will be turned off soon.

Matt/Douglass: Matt reported receiving a mystery batch of books that appear to be new books. He wondered if these books were new "shelf ready" books. He will send Melody and Andy a list of the barcodes for the books so that they can be investigated further.

Paul/Gov. Docs: Paul reported on a shift of the Doc. items and Doc. International items at LSM that was completed.

Megan/Physics: Megan reported that she would start work on a weeding project for the Bound Periodical Collection. Titles from Physics will be transferred to the Annex later this semester.

Melody/Coll. Services: Melody reported that the last batch of books for the LSM weeding project stored on the third floor are being processed. Access Services will be able to resume pulling soon.

Updating Purpose Statement and name of group

With Camden and Dana staff joining the functional groups, the group has been asked to revise its purpose statement, using the following guidelines:
- should be 3-5 sentences long, if possible
- should include the system-wide scope of work that group performs, but also acknowledge the differences between the three campuses
- should try to make specific reference to the testing that the group does with new releases of Workflows

Andy distributed a copy of the current purpose statement and a draft of a new purpose statement to the group. The group is asked to consider changes to the purpose statement using the guidelines above and send them to Andy by the next meeting.

The group has also been asked to brainstorm on a new name for the functional group. The new name for the group would be consistent with a new naming protocol for all of the functional groups, taking into account the new system wide scope. To help with the brainstorming, "functional group" does not need to be part of the name of the group.

Changes to CMFG statistics

The group discussed two questions concerning the recent changes to the CMFG statistics

The first question concerned how to track the percentage of a collection shelf read with our statistics. At the last meeting, part of the group liked the idea of keeping a running tally of how much of the collection has been shelf read through the months while others liked the idea of tracking each month separately and including the yearly collection total on a separate line. After receiving feedback from the group by email, it was decided that the statistics will be kept separately for each month and then yearly for the entire collection on a separate line. This way, you can see the specific monthly percentage that you were able to accomplish that month to get an idea of your workflow and still see the total amount of the collection that has been shelf read.

The second question concerned how to track the time spent on shelving, shelf reading, and searches. While the larger units were able to use the previously agreed on 15-minute interval for their searches, smaller libraries were having difficulty using this time conversion. A handout was distributed to the group that contained a conversion chart for minutes to tenths of an hour and a conversion chart for 15 minutes to quarters of an hour. Each library is asked to examine their statistics and workflow and make a decision on which conversion chart they will use. Once a time conversion is chosen, staff are asked to use that conversion consistently across shelving, shelf reading, and searches. Andy will send out an email asking for the time conversion choice before the next meeting.

During this discussion, it was brought up to the group whether a separate statistics page should be kept for shifting for each unit. This is a good idea to explore and will be tabled for the next meeting.

Work on LC Call Number Tutorial, quizzes, flash cards, etc

Andy asked for volunteers to be part of a sub-group to work on developing a comprehensive LC Call Number training program. The program will include an online tutorial and quizzes, the use of flash cards, and physical shelving and shelf reading. This program will be used to instruct new part-time and full-time staff on the use of the LC Classification System.

Megan Ingegno, Rob Krack, and Eddie Suarez volunteered to work on this project. They will meet with Andy this month to start developing the program.

Recap of "Circulate" button project

Andy distributed a handout containing an overview of the recent project involving the "circulate" button. A system-generated report containing approximately 2,000 items was generated in June/2005. This report was reviewed and separated into items from the Periodical, Reference, and Stacks Collection. The items from the Periodical and Reference collections were fixed (circulate button checked off) while the Stacks items were left alone for the time being. This project will become a yearly project for the group, with staff checking for the items and then fixing the problem with the "circulate" button.

Ideas for training session/program/workshop

The group brainstormed for ideas for future training sessions, programs, and workshops that the group can develop and present or attend. Possible programs for the group to develop and present include Insect/Pest awareness and awareness of surroundings in the Stacks. Possible programs for the group to attend include site visits for RU Libraries. The possibility of working with the Security/Facilities Functional Group on a "suspicious packages" program was brought up. The group is encouraged to continue to think of ideas for programs for the group to develop or attend.

Additional Information

The group was reminded that when processing the monthly in-transit reports, items should be discharged and charged to your missing user if your library owns them and they are not located after the second search. Items that are not discharged will remain on the monthly report indefinitely. If the item does not belong to your library (not owned by your library), please leave the item alone unless you find it.

Action List

Schedule next six CMFG meeting and send schedule to group.

Check to make sure that revised standard range guide instructions are posted to access services web site.

Work on revising the purpose statement of the group. Send revisions to group by email

Ask the group to brainstorm for new ideas for naming the group and the functional group

Update shelf reading statistics "percentage of collection" section for separate month and year totals. Also add number of sections by collection name.

Send email to group asking them to pick time conversion for their statistics page

Next Meeting

Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Location to be determined
2:30 - 4:30 pm

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/collection_mgt_group/minutes/collection_mgt_group_05_09_14.shtml
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