Minutes of January 11, 2006 meeting

Andy Martinez, Megan Ingegno, L Melanie Robinson, Paul Young, Krista Dandurand, Roselyn Riley, Dean Meister, Shirley Peck, Rob Krack, Eddie Suarez, Holly Muller, Martin Katz.
Brian Stubbs, Irina Loutchkina, Mary Brodman, Penny Weniger, Melody Tomaszewicz, Eugene McElroy, Jeff Teichmann, Sandy Marsh, Alex Arencibia


Information sharing:

Andy/NBL: Andy announced that Matt Spaventa (Douglass Library) has left the library system and the functional group as of 1/6/2006. We all thank Matt for his work on collection management issues at the Douglass Library. If there are any collection management questions for Douglas Library please contact Penny Weniger. The monthly in-transit report will be distributed by Systems in time for our return to work on Tuesday, January 17, 2006. The NBL shadowed items report will be out in the beginning of February. The Alex recon missing items from the last quarterly missing book reports have been withdrawn from the catalog.

Megan/Physics: Megan has been working on reserves and coverage for physics.

Melanie/Math: Melanie is getting ready for the spring semester, working on a WebCT site for her part time employees, and continuing to work on the active titles portion of the Serials Inventory.

Paul/Gov. Docs: At Alexander, Doc Ref Foreign items were internally relocated to Doc Ref collection. At LSM, Paul is working on ILL and RDS Gov. Doc. returns.

Krista/Kilmer: The business counters on the first floor have been removed and the items once stored there have been internally relocated to the reference collection. Krista assisted on a sample inventory of the Stacks Collection at Kilmer.

Roselyn/Art: Roselyn has been working on reserves and shelving in preparation for the start of the semester.

Dean/Annex: Dean is working on project with the Annex Serials and Kardex cabinets. Annex continues to receive books from the LSM Weeding Project. Dean is also getting up to speed on a possible recon project at the Annex.

Shirley/Alex: Shirley reported that Alexander is receiving a lot of claims returned and stacks check requests. She has also been shelving a lot of books in the 2nd floor JX area and reported the possible need for a mini-shift in that area due to the lack of space.

Rob/Alex: Rob is working on an end of year shift. He reported that there was a major roof leak on the 3rd floor. 700-800 items were moved and approximately 200 items where damaged by the water. Due to this recurring water leak, Roger and Jeff are investigating water diverters for that area.

Eddy/LSM: Eddie continues pulling books as part of the LSM weeding project. He also continues to work on a mini-shift of the Bound Periodical Collection. LSM is on track to start a shift of the Stacks Collection in June/2006.

Holly/LSM: Holly assisted with the Douglass shift over the intersession.

Update on LC Call Number Training Module:

Andy thanked the sub-group responsible for creating the LC Call Number Training Module, Rob, Eddy and Megan, for all of their work on this project. Over the last couple of months, they designed a training module that can be used by both large and small libraries, and for both part time and full time employees.

The training module consists of the following:

  1. LC Call Number Training Module Overview
  2. LC Call Number PowerPoint Presentation
  3. LC Call Number Handout
  4. LC Call Number Written Test
  5. LC Call Number Flash Cards

Andy stated that the LC information above has been posted to the Access Services web site: (http://nbl.rutgers.edu/nbl_access_services/ACCESS1/ACCESS1.HTML). Library staff will be able to download or print the information from the web site, but will not be able to edit the documents stored on the web site. A second written test and answer keys for both tests will be posted to the web site later this month.

This information is also stored on the Douglass t-drive using the following path: Douglass t- drive / common / NB Col Mgmt Group /Training Materials /. A retest is available in the same format as the written test, just with different questions. The answer key for both tests is also available. Rob will make all of the documents stored on the Douglass t-drive read-only so that they cannot be edited.

The group next discussed using WebCT as a format to test our part time employees on their proficiency with LC Call Numbers. We all agreed that this is a beneficial tool for training our part time employees, but that it requires some knowledge of the software to use. Megan stated to the group that setting up WebCT so that our part time employees can use it is a three-step process. If anyone needs help with WebCT, please contact Rose Barbalace for assistance.

The training module is ready for use at the beginning of the semester. If any one is able to use the module in their training program for their part time employees, please report your findings/comments to Andy, Megan, Rob, and Eddy.

Ideas for training sessions/workshops/programs:

At a previous meeting, the group decided to work on creating a program for Pest Awareness and Best Practices in our Collections. The following group members volunteered to be part of the following sub-groups:

-Pest Awareness sub-group

-Best Practices in our Collections

Andy will contact other members of the group to see if they would like to be part of one of the sub-groups. Both sub-groups will work this semester to develop a program to be held during the summer or next semester.

Some of the questions that the sub-groups will work on include:

-Pest Awareness sub-group

-Best Practices in our Collections

The Douglass Shift:

Andy thanked the group members who volunteered to help with the Stacks Collection shift at Douglass Library over the intersession. Work on this shifting project will continue during the semester and another call for volunteers will take place.

Next Meeting

Date: February 8, 2006
Time: 2:30 pm-4:30 pm
Primary Location: Media Center Classroom, Kilmer Library, Livingston Campus
Satellite Location(s):
  Special Collections Room: DANA # 454 (attendance: 1)   Conference Room: ROBESON # 290 (attendance: 1)

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