Minutes of March 14, 2007 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Mary Brodman, Krista Dandurand, Robert Krack, Bill Lynch, L Melanie Miller (Recorder), Holly Muller, Roselyn Riley, Jeff Teichmann, Melody Tomaszewicz, Lucy Vidal (Guest), Paul Young
Eugene McElroy, Penny Weniger, Brian Stubbs, Alex Arencibia, Shirley Peck, Eddie Suarez


Information Sharing

Andy Martinez/Coordinator: Andy introduced a guest to this month’s meeting, Lucy Vidal, the SCILS Intern currently working at the Kilmer Library.

A new CMG member, Theresa Macklin from Camden, was introduced to the group through video-conferencing. Theresa will be the new CMG representative from the Robeson Library.

Sandy Marsh, the CMG representative from Camden, will no longer be attending the monthly meetings as her responsibilities at Camden have changed. The group thanks Sandy for her work.

Andy will run a report to identify items that do not have their “Circulate” button checked off. This is the 3rd time the report has been run and hopefully it will contain fewer items than the first two reports. It will be run at the beginning or middle of April.

The quarterly missing book report will be run in the beginning of April and will identify items charged to missing between 7/1/2006 to 3/15/2007. Andy will let the group know when the reports are ready for searching.

The following reminders were given: A reminder that when you charge an item from a non-circulating library or collection to a CS-User record, please give the item a term loan period before charging. Without a term loan date, the item will only charge out for a day and then the user will become delinquent.

A reminder that all damaged items should only be sent to your appropriate DTS hub. DTS staff will decide if the damaged item is a preservation issue and needs to be sent to Preservation staff.

A reminder for staff that deal with returned long-overdue items. Please make sure to place a printout of the lost-item note from the User’s Extended Info folder in the item before you ship to the appropriate DTS hub.

Rob Krack/Alexander: Rob reported his work on 2B to start mini shift. Rob reported on his discovery of shelving pieces that fit on the back of shelving units to keep books from falling behind the other books. Rob will try to incorporate these shelving pieces into the Alexander collection. A reminder that when you are wrapping a moldy item in plastic, please make sure to attach a printout of the item record to the outside of the item (makes it easier to search for record). Also, for items that have not been determined to have mold, please don’t wrap the items in plastic.

MelodyTomaszewicz/DTS: Phase II of serials inventory is under way for the branch libraries. Most sites have completed work on the first report for this phase.

L Melanie Miller/Math: Melanie is currently working on Phase II of serials inventory and should be done with the first report for this project soon. She is working to transfer the remaining volumes of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series held at the Math Library to the Libraries Annex. Plans are underway to eventually shift the collections held at the Math Library.

Krista Dandurand/Physics: Krista has finished the shift of the collections held at the Physics Library. The location of the Stacks and Periodical Collections were switched, placing the low use Periodical Collection on compact shelving. The shift allows for a better flow to the collections. Krista has met with Neera from LSM-DTS about Phase II of the serials inventory. She is working with LSM-DTS staff to consolidate six titles held at the Physics Library that have multiple NBL holdings. She has internally relocated approximately 60 items to the Folio Collection.

Mary Brodman/Alexander: Mary and her staff have finished the East Asian Project, incorporating shelves into the collection to increase the shelving space. Mary reported the work on the ongoing mini shifts and that Alexander CM staff are getting 2-3 trucks per week of in-process books. Mary reminded the group to inspect all “In-Process” items for damage and mold before placing in the collection.

Bill Lynch/Douglass and Kilmer: For Douglass, Bill reported that he has been processing “In- Process” items daily. He has identified some items that should have been cataloged as Folio, which he sent to Alex-DTS staff to internally relocate. For Kilmer, Bill has been pulling business periodicals that are to be withdrawn or sent out to be bound.

Holly Muller/LSM: Holly reported that the mini-shift of the 3rd floor Periodical Collection is almost completed. Access Service’s Staff will continue to pull books for the weeding project on a limited basis.

Roselyn Riley/Art: Art has been very busy, with prep work underway for a reception for the Ivies+ Symposium. Roselyn is assisting Annex staff with their Serials Inventory Project.

Paul Young/Gov Docs: At Alexander, Paul is shifting the Congressional items in the DOC-Law Collection. At LSM, Paul reported that staff members are assisting with the shelving of maps.

Accompanying Materials from DTS

Andy reported on a new workflow for “In-Process” items that have accompanying materials. These items with accompanying materials are processed at TAS and then sent to LSM-DTS (Jamie) for processing of the accompanying materials. LSM-DTS staff will process the item according to accompanying materials guidelines and once completed, will ship the item to its owning library. The item will stay “In-Process” during its time at TAS and LSM-DTS. The items will be shipped separately from other DTS items and the box will be labeled “In-Process”. CM staff are reminded to contact their local DTS hub if they see any processing problems with “In- Process” items with accompanying materials. Several questions arose from the group: Do we know the time-frame for the processing work at LSM-DTS?. What happens if an “In-Process” item has a hold placed on it, but it is at LSM-DTS?. Is there anyway to identify through an item record that an “In-Process” item is being processed at LSM-DTS?

Final review of “In-Process” Overview

The group discussed the final draft of the “In-Process” Overview. The overview contains descriptions of what a correct “In-Process” item record should look like and what to do if an error is identified. Andy has asked for final comments on the overview. The procedures for dealing with “In-Process” items should be in place for use by CM staff in April.

Review of “LOCALMAINT” location

DTS has asked for and received a new home location named “LOCALMAINT”. The home location is in use now. This home location will be used by DTS staff to conduct work on a title that is not available to them, usually because it is checked out to a patron or missing from the collection. DTS staff will change the home location of the item to “LOCALMAINT” and place a staff note describing the work that needs to be done.

This home location will not replace “TECHSR” or how we use that home location for “circ-on- the-fly” items.

Andy distributed a document describing the new “LOCALMAINT” location and how it impacts Access Services. CM staff are to review the document and send any comments/corrections to Andy. Once finalized, the document will be made available with the other CM documentation for Access Staff to review.

Review of GEAC RM/LP note items

Andy discussed the status of the GEAC RM/LP project. 4,303 items were on the original report, which was narrowed down to 2,291. The 2,291 items were sent to the appropriate CM staff for searching. 13 of the 16 sites have reported back with their search results. If the item was found, the staff note was removed from the item record. If the item was not found, the staff note was removed and the item was charged to the appropriate missing user. So far, CM staff have found anywhere from 14% to 54% of the items on their list, with most of the libraries averaging towards the 14% found rate. The project should be completed by the April meeting date.

Revision of Access Services Web Page

The CM group has been asked to identify and inventory all of the existing documents and web pages on the NBL and RUL staff pages that we have created and/or is relevant to our work. This work will allow us to move our essential documents to the RUL staff pages. Andy asked to group to review our documentation and send their comments/questions by the end of March.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
2:30 – 4:30 pm
Main Location: TBA
Satellite Locations:
Camden Library, Conference Room 290
Dana Library, Electronic Classroom II

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