Minutes of July 11, 2007 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Mary Brodman, Rob Krack, Bill Lynch, Eugene McElroy, L Melanie Miller (Recorder), Shirley Peck, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Penny Weniger, Melody Tomaszewicz.
Alex Arencibia, Teresa McNally, Roselyn Riley, Jeff Teichmann, Paul Young


Information Sharing (Entire Group, 2:30 - 3:00 pm)

Andy Martinez (Coordinator): The quarterly missing book report for July has been distributed to CM staff for searching. The CM statistics worksheets should be available to the group by the end of July/2007.

Mary Brodman (Alexander): Mary and her staff have been shifting and shelf reading the collections. New folio shelving has been delivered and installed for the periodical collection.

Bill Lynch (Kilmer): Bill has completed searching for the Item Type/Home Location conflict list. Surplus microfilm shelving continues to be shifted to Alexander Library DTS office.

Shirley Peck (Alexander): Shirley reported problems using keyboard express macros for "in- process" processing.

Robert Krack (Alexander): Rob reported a water leak on the third floor Stacks area. Mary had suggested they put plastic sheets above the stacks up early to avoid damage to the collection. Facilities staff are checking into the problem.

Eddie Suarez (LSM): Eddie is working out the shift on the second floor using Director's Station, a test pilot.

Melody Tomaszewicz. (CS-LSM): Melody reported that weeding continues at LSM, on a limited basis. The labeling of a new monographic series is halfway done.

Penny Weniger (Douglass): Penny is installing range guide holders in the Folio Collection. Also donating books to the Better World Book shipment.

L Melanie Miller (Math): The entire series of Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences have been transferred to the Annex.

Discussion on shelving on fore-edge

The group discussed shelving books on their fore-edge; either in the collections, on hold or reserve shelves, or temporarily, and came to the conclusion that this should be avoided if possible. Melanie volunteered to work on a draft of a policy statement and will forward to the group for discussion.

Vacuum with HEPA filter discussion

There is a commercial vacuum with a HEPA filter stored at the Alexander Library. The group has been asked to consider using this vacuum during any CM projects to clean the dust from books. Any staff that come up with a project for the vacuum should contact Andy.

Question on whether to count transfers and copy adds as collection growth

This agenda item has been tabled until the next meeting.

Site visit at TAS

Penny volunteered to set up a site tour of TAS and the Libraries Annex for the group. TAS staff will give a tour of their site on Wednesday, 8/15/07 at 10 am. After the TAS tour, CM staff will be able to tour the Libraries Annex.

Discussion on Keyboard Express Macros for "in-process"

CM staff reported problems with using keyboard express macros and J Client Workflows while processing "in-process" items. The problems include difficulty in timing the delays correctly and not being able to use keys that were available in C Client Workflows. Brian volunteered to come up with a list of problems and work with Anne Butman from Systems for possible solutions.

Sakai Site update

Rob has set up a Sakai site for collection management staff. CM staff are asked to visit the site and get back to Rob with any comments or corrections. The group will start to use the site for agenda item discussion and document revision. Rob volunteered to conduct a training session on Sakai for the group next semester.

Pest Awareness presentation

Jeff has volunteered to lead this sub-group. More information will be available for the September/2007 meeting.

Best standards for CMG

This agenda item has been tabled until the next meeting.

Next meeting

The scheduled Wednesday, August 8, 2007 meeting has been canceled.

The group will meet on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 to tour TAS and the Libraries Annex.

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