Minutes of June 11, 2008 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Elsa Alves, Kimberly Kaiser, Bill Lynch, L Melanie Miller (Recorder), Shirley Peck, Roselyn Riley, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Melody Tomaszewicz, Penny Weniger
Mary Brodman, Rob Krack, Eugene McElroy, Teresa McNally, Paul Young


Information Sharing (2:30 – 3:00pm)

Andy Martinez (Coordinator): Andy reported that he is working on the Non-Roman Alphabet Title report, to forward to CM staff for searching. The missing book report (before 7/1/2007) will be distributed to staff during the first week of July.

Elsa Alves (Dana): Elsa reported that they are working on a mini shift in the RT section of the Stacks Collection due to a lack of space. They have been given the approval to remove 25 more JSTOR titles from the Periodical Collection. They are removing shelves for Current periodicals and replacing them with shelves appropriate for bound periodicals.

Kimberly Kaiser (Kilmer): Kim reported she attended a Disaster Planning workshop presented by the NJ State Library. The information was beneficial to collection management at RUL. She also reported that Kilmer has air conditioning after a week of no HVAC.

Bill Lynch (Douglass): Bill reported he has been using Director’s Station to generate reports on checked out items for the HQ and PN sections of the Stacks Collection. Along with statistics from in-process items, this information has helped confirm that both areas are rapidly running out of space. Bill is working with Penny and the Douglass selectors to plan for a mini-shift of those call number ranges.

L Melanie Miller (Math): Melanie reported that she is continuing to work on transferring items to the Annex. The library has been very busy with book returns.

Shirley Peck (Alexander): Shirley reported that she has been working on claims returns which was slightly inflated by the downtime, but was a much smaller increase than originally expected. In-Process items for the EAL collection have also been on the rise for this month.

Roselyn Riley (Art): Roselyn reported that staff at Art are actively shelf-reading and picking up the Stacks Collection. The TR section of the Stacks Collection is running out of space. The library has been busy with an increase in book returns. Art staff are working with the selectors to process items not found in catalog from the Art inventory. 2 of the 4 collections have been completed.

Eddie Suarez (LSM): Eddie reported on several water leaks caused by the HVAC system. He attended a Disaster Planning workshop presented by the NJ State Library. Eddie reported that he is up to the last 5 aisles for the Stacks Collection shift.

Melody Tomaszewicz. (CS-LSM): Melody reported that they are ready to begin the serials inventory project again. There will be review session for the project on Friday, June 13, 2008.

Penny Weniger (Douglass): Penny reported that the “HQ’s” need to be shifted and possibly weeded due to a lack of space.

Change to Item Type Field

There are three processes that need to be changed and have a direct impact on CM staff:

Due to the item type conversion, we will no longer have the option of editing the Home Location Field as we do now with the three processes above. A taskforce has been charged with reviewing these processes, among others, and implementing the new item type procedures.

The conversion is likely to occur sometime during the end of July/beginning of August. New policies and procedures should be in place before the conversion.

Goals for 2008-2009

Andy asked the group to review the goals for 2007-2008 and get back to him with comments and suggestions. Andy also asked the group to please have their collection management statistics completed up to June/2008 by Tuesday, 7/8/2008.

Next Meeting

Date: Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm
Location(s): TBA

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/collection_mgt_group/minutes/collection_mgt_group_08_06_11.shtml
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